Munster Mansion, Waxahachie

Did you know the Munster’s lived in Texas?  Yes, the Munsters from the 1960’s television show!

Okay, Herman, Lilly and family don’t actually live here, but in Waxahachie there is a detailed replica of the Munster Mansion.


It’s the private home of the McKee family.

My kids and I had been waiting since last October to get a chance to take a tour.  We were so excited!  We parked our car at the nearby junior high school, and buses shuttled us (FREE) to the house.



We purchased our tickets, which are only sold on the day of the event, and must be CASH, and headed for the already forming line.  We were entertained while we waited by a “Fire Breather”, who wowed the crowd!



Rules during the tour are simple;  No food or drinks, and No photography!  Ugh!

But the house is amazing!  As soon as you enter, you are met by “Spot” the dragon, who lives under the stairs!  The iconic “coffin phone booth” is also visible, and guides assured us the phone actually works!  You can’t believe the detail they have put into this house!

Many of the items in the home are either exact replicas, or were actually used in the show!


There are even hidden passageways and revolving doors!  In all, we got to see the entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, Marilyn’s bedroom, Grandpa’s bedroom and laboratory, and Eddie’s bedroom.



The home is only available for tours 2 days a year, and all proceeds from those two days go to a local, named charity.  I believe it changes yearly, but the Salvation Army was the recipient for this year.


After the tour, we went into the little theatre room to watch one of the old episodes of The Munsters!  Here is where I confess that my kids had NEVER seen the show before, but they laughed and enjoyed seeing how many items they could recognize from the tour!



Each year, Mr and Mrs. McKee dress up as Herman and Lilly, and go out to meet their guest!  We had the opportunity to not only meet both of them, but also their special guest, Pat Priest who played Marilyn in the tv series!



My boys LOVED the replica “roadster” from the show!  Mr, McKee would occasionally start it up to the delight of the crowd!

After the tour, the kids enjoyed jumping in the FREE bounce houses and small ferris wheel.  Most of the kids were in costumes, as were many of the adults guest!

Concessions were sold, as well as tickets for the carnival games.   Many of the people we met while standing in line or waiting for the kids on the ferris wheel said that they were repeat visitors, and it gets bigger and better each year!

My Mommy Tips: 

  • Arrive early, and get in line for the tour quickly, as the line gets lengthy.
  • The only restrooms are porta-potties, with no place to change babies.
  • Outside water and food is allowed, and concessions are sold.
  • Tickets are only required for those doing the home tour, all other activites either require inexpensive tickets (1-2 tickets) or are FREE!
  • Find out more on their website.  Click HERE to be directed there now.
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Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!