Hamilton Smoke Shack, Hamilton

The last week of our summer vacation we decided to take a road trip.  “Where are we going to go?” we all asked each other.  In the end, we decided to not have a destination, just get in the car and drive, stopping when we felt like it and not having an agenda or itinerary.  It was an escape from always rushing to be on time, something we will have plenty of once school starts!


We started our vacation, now known as the “No Destination Road Trip”,   With no need to worry about where we were headed, we stopped frequently.  We enjoyed letting the kids play at a park we passed and eat a watermelon we bought from a young boy with a stand set up in his front yard.  We turned when the road looked interesting.  I loved it, although my husband worried where we would sleep each night.

After hours of driving, we pulled into the town of Hamilton with growling bellies.  The square looked promising, with cute shops and galleries surrounding the courthouse, however I was quickly voted down in favor of lunch.  We pulled into the courthouse, and my husband ran inside to ask where we could find some good home cooking in town.  We learned long ago that the courthouses are usually the best places to ask for lunch references.  A few minutes later he returned with a smile on his face, saying he asked a lady inside where he could get a good chicken fried steak, and she studied him for a second and responded in a Texas draw, “A chicken fried steak… on a Tuesday?”


We agreed on Bar-B-Que, and headed down the highway to the Smoke Shack.  I’m a huge believer that the best food comes from the smallest places, and the Smoke Shack certainly proves my point!

We were the only ones inside the restaurant, which closed minutes after we entered.  This was lucky for us, since our children were a little loud and rowdy after hours in the car, but owners Doris and Butch Sohms didn’t seem to mind as they prepared our plates.  My husband loved the old pit they use, and I loved their prices!

We ordered the ribs, brisket and sausage, and split it up among the five of us.  Although it was all very good, the ribs were the stand out favorite!  Of course, we had to try the fried pies, which were delicious!

After dinner, we enjoyed a short walk next door to visit Dig This!  Nursery.  Although they were already closed, the owner was there and offered to help me.  I loved the large pots of elephant ears she had, but wasn’t sure they would make the next six days of our road trip, and had to pass on them.

The Smoke Shack is located at 702 S, Rice St. in Hamilton.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!


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