Howard Moore Play Pool, Arlington

Just as we were ready to embark on a fun, water-soaked summer, my youngest broke his leg on May 31st.  We spent a very DRY June, and after his cast was removed, we got a late but great summer splash, beginning at Howard Moore Play Pool in Arlington!


Small slides, sprayers and falling buckets of water make this an ideal destination for younger children, although there is still fun to be had for older children who are watchful of the little ones.


The water depth is only 18 inches, which allows most children to be able to play of mom’s arm reach, although adults are required to be in the water with children under 5 years.


Large covered areas around the pool provide lots of seating.  It’s always a good idea to get there early in the morning to get preferred seats.  Since my 5-year-old no longer regularly naps, we arrived just before lunch time, and were able to get seats just as the littlest ones were heading home for naps.


We brought our lunch to the pool.  Coolers are allowed at no additional charge.  Of course, no glass is permitted.


I think his orthopedist instructed NO SLIDES during the first 30 days after removing his cast.  My plan was to keep him away from them, or at least ride down with him, but adults aren’t allowed on the slides.


So, this will be our secret, okay?


Arm floaties are allowed for younger children, as are sit in floats for infants.  My son brought his family of toy turtles for him and his invisible friend to play with while at the pool, since my older children were both at camp for the week.  However, they quickly met new playmates who were more than willing to wait, and even cheer on my son’s imaginary friend as he got up his nerve to come down the slide.

The lifeguard did give me a strange look when my little boy approached him and asked that he assist him in looking for his friend, who was invisible!

My Mommy Tips:  

Lacking a family restroom, there are changing tables in both men’s and women’s rooms.

Avoid sugary drinks and sodas, as bees will immediately seek you out, as at any pool or park.

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As a Naturally Fun blogger, my family and I are often invited to wonderful events and locations by the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation, however I was not financially compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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