Robertson’s Hams, Salado

Since it opened back in October, I’ve been anticipating driving on TX-130, the country’s fastest road with a posted speed limit of 85 mph!   We didn’t want to stop while on the road, as we planned to time ourselves to see how long it took us to drive down to I-10.  Needing a lunch and potty break, we decided to stop at Robertson’s Hams in Salado.


This was my first visit to Robertson’s, and my husband, who has never passed a jerky sign in his life, couldn’t wait to show me this fun stop.


The inside area of the store at first reminded me of a Cracker Barrel, with cute, whimsical items everywhere!   Candles and cute gift items caused us to scatter, although the numerous breakables had me holding onto my 5 year old’s hand tightly.


His need to run led us outside, and behold…. it was as if we had stumbled into Monsters Inc., the Pixar cartoon.  There were DOORS stacked up everywhere!  Really, I couldn’t believe their collection of old, antique doors from around the world!


And, they have more than just doors!  Amazing wooden tables, bookcases, and completely unusual items like this metal TEXAS!


My husband brought us sandwiches outside to eat.  We sat under a huge tree on the patio and enjoyed the unexpected breeze and sound of a cow in the distance.  It was so relaxing!  Of course, we had the ham, which is really amazing.  For $2 or $3 you can get a pile of it on two slices of bread, nothing fancy but really good ham!

You can purchase half and whole smoked hams in the store, or online.


The kids finished eating, and were taking advantage of us having the patio to ourselves to play.  I tried to open my book and get a little more reading time, but my husband kept calling me to see another treasure he had found, and soon we were loading back up, with the country’s fastest highway waiting for us!


But before we left, I made sure to ask these two little angels to keep an eye on us, and make sure we arrived safely.

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Robertson’s Hams

1420 N. Robertson Rd. Salado

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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