Woody’s Smokehouse, Centerville

My daughter and I had our own little “Girl-cation”, which was great quality time for us, and an opportunity to work on keeping open those ever closing lines of communications as she soon enters the last of her pre-teen years.


Are you wondering why a post labeled “Woody’s Smokehouse” has a picture of the Dallas Zoo?  Woody’s does have some exotic meats, but that’s not why we were there.  The zoo was our first stop on our trip.  My daughter had to attend a training class before she started as a Junior Zookeeper the following week!


While she was meeting new friends and getting a tour of the zoo, I was getting to enjoy three hours of sitting in the shade reading a book, a luxury I rarely ever get!  It’s funny the things we take for granted before we have children.


It was after we were on the road that we noticed our tummies were growling.  We made it to Centerville, and stopped at Woody’s Smokehouse and Bar-B-Q, which proclaims itself the Jerky Capital of the World.  Woody’s is located on either side of the highway, but we went to the East side so we could sit down and eat!


All their food is smoked on site, and we got such a laugh out of the giant revolver shaped smoker.  It’s probably the BEST smelling gun, EVER!


Inside, they have a counter filled with all types of jerky and smoked sausages.  They also carry a jar of EVERYTHING that anyone has ever considered canning.  We bought some buffalo jerky for my son, hot pickled okra for my husband, and some fresh made fudge for us.


I had a hard time deciding what to order for lunch, as I was a little intrigued by the bacon wrapped quail.  My daughter, not so much.  She chose a cheeseburger, also cooked on the smoker, with it’s tell-tale red smoke ring.  After careful consideration, I chose the chopped brisket, my usual.  I know most people like to eat a brisket sandwich on a hamburger bun, but I think that’s too much bread.    I prefer a slice of plain white sandwich bread, with the meat enveloped in the middle.  My dad would call them a fold over.  I smiled to see they had loaves on every table.  Before we finished, I also added some of my brisket to my bowl of beans, which were tasty and included with the meal.

Once in the car, we enjoyed the fudge as we continued down to Galveston.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


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