Allen Bolden Pool, Arlington

One of my kid’s favorite summer places to keep cool is Allen Bolden Pool in Arlington.  With two diving boards, and lots of deep water for swimming, it’s a great alternative to play pools and water parks.


Because of the high insurance cost, most of the newer parks aren’t adding deep water for swimming, and some, like Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton, have had to fill in their deep water altogether.

That’s a shame, because kids still need to swim.  I watched a recent swim test, and many of the kids couldn’t swim the length of the pool without stopping and standing up.  Because they spend so much time in the water, they have gained a false sense of confidence, and most of them even claimed that they were good swimmers.


Which is why we often visit the Allen Bolden Pool.  Owned by the City of Arlington, the pool prices are affordable, too.  $3 under 48 inches, and $3.50 for everyone else.  Babies under 12 months are FREE.  Of course, parking is free, too.  The City of Arlington also offers a Swim Pass to all their outdoor pools, click HERE  to be taken to that page.


There is plenty of seating around the pool, and much of it is covered.


And it’s big enough to accommodate a lot of swimmers!

CIMG0366My Restroom Report

The restrooms are nice and big, with a changing table in the ladies.  I believe all public restrooms at any pool are a little gross, even at the nicest hotels.  Just something about water and kids, etc.   Our rules is we ALWAYS wear our shoes in the restroom, and we shower off before getting back in the pool.


A zero depth entry makes it nice for little kids to gradually go into the water.   It’s also ADA accessible.  Life jackets and floatation devices are allowed in this  part of the pool.


My kids love the open, grassy areas around the pool, which are still inside the gate.  They always bring a football or frisbee to go play, then just jump in the water when they get too hot!  It’s also a nice place for the kids to play during the pool’s mandatory evacuation while they perform pool safety checks.  They usually only last about 10-15 minutes.  I love the big shade trees around the pool!


And of course, there are the diving boards!  This section of pool is roped off, and only divers are allowed.  Lifeguards carefully monitor this area, to assure  the safety of the divers.  My kids have learned to cannon ball, dive and even turn a few flips here!  It’s also fun to watch the diving boards, as often some of the more experienced divers get extremely aerobatic!

Next to the diving boards is another roped off area, for swimmers who, like me, prefer deeper water.  No life jackets or flotation devices are allowed in this section of the pool.


When it’s time to re-charge, there are plenty of tables.  Ice chest and outside food are welcome.  The pool also offers a concession area, where you can purchase drinks and snacks.

For more information on the pool, swim classes, and private rentals for parties, click HERE.

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