Red Kane Park, Arlington


Each summer, we visit Red Kane Park in Arlington.  It’s a great park, with lots of mature trees so we can stay a little cooler in the shade.


The park has a basket ball court and a baseball field, but it’s the water which we are drawn to.  There were plenty of turtles to greet us!


We visited on Day 5 of my little boy being in a cast after breaking his leg.  I borrowed a wagon from a friend, and he enjoyed being pulled around the park. A paved trail leads from the fishing pier to the opposite side of the pond.  It’s a great place to take kids fishing, with fish that are almost always biting in the cooler hours of the day!


There are also plenty of “off-road” trails for exploring on foot, bike or mom drawn wagon.   Mom drawn wagon seems to be the least dependable, because as we were heading down a steep section of the trail, the wagon got away from me!  I caught up to it at the bottom, and my little boy was thrilled, begging me to let him take the bumpy ride again!


My oldest son found a downed tree across the small creek, and of course had to try to walk it!  I think it’s just a rite of summer!  I remember doing the same thing as a kid!


We then met up with some friends, and went for a walk on the second of the parks two trails paved trails.  This one leads you past the playgrounds and into the woods for about 1/4 mile, until you come to a road in a residential section.  Take a left and listen for a call of a wild creature.  Is it Sasquatch?  A distressed chupacabre?  No…


It’s a gorgeous group of free roaming peacocks that live in the neighborhood!


We found about 15 of them on two seperate streets.  The males are actually the ones called peacocks, with these amazing long tails.  The females are peahens and collectively they are peafowl.  The neighborhood seems to love them, setting out food and water, and allowing them to take over their porches and landscaping.


Last year we found a mother peahen and her little babies, but we weren’t as fortunate this year.  Click HERE to read that post.   It’s lots of fun to visit this nice little neighborhood and search for peacocks, but PLEASE be respectful of the homeowners and birds, by staying on the sidewalks and not chasing them.


Of course, peafowl hunting is hungry work!  We went back to the park and sat at one of the shaded picnic tables and enjoyed our lunches!   Afterwards, the kids played on the playground, with my little broken legged boy climbing up to the top with help from his brother!


Some of the kids went down to the pond with their little nets to try to catch some minnows, and maybe some tadpoles!  A few minutes later they came running back with one of the boys carrying a snake in his net!  Covered in mud, it looked like a water mocassin, but once released, we realized it was a harmless diamondback water snake.  Still it’s always best to treat all snakes as if they are venomous and just AVOID them!



I’m feeling pretty good about telling the kids the importance of respecting wildlife, until a few minutes later I hear screaming!  I look up to see my daughter’s friends running on the other side of the pond, followed by my daughter with something stretched out in front of her!  Behind her, head down and wings stretched out behind her, is a VERY MAD mother duck!  My daughter has scooped up her little baby, and is running away with it!  UGH!!


Momma Duck reluctantly gave up the chase, and returned to her other babies.  Of course, I tell my daughter she has to take the baby back!  She’s scared of Momma Duck, and makes her big brother return it, who is immediately reunited with it’s family!

Don’t try this at home, or the park! 

My daughter was lucky, because duck bites hurt!  The park also has some African Geese, who are fun to feed, but you need to keep your distance.  Leave the bread at home, and choose cut grapes or even whole wheat cereal to feed them!

Restroom Report

The park does have nice restrooms with water.  I always keep soap and toilet paper in the car, just in case.  Sorry moms, no changing tables.

Things to do in Arlington 

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