Arlington YMCA Swim Team

Our favorite part of summer is swimming, but 3 months isn’t enough for us, which is why we originally joined the Arlington YMCA, so we could swim year round!  Now, my children have grown up with the Y, playing baseball and soccer since they were just 4 years old.  This year they have decided to try out for the YMCA’s swim team.

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The Arlington YMCA recently named a new CEO, Roberto E. Aguirre, who has already made some amazing changes from the perspective of a member.  For us, the best change is that all youth sports are FREE with family memberships, which cost about $60 a month.  That includes the Y’s swim team, an activity that we weren’t able to afford prior to the change!


Try Outs

Although our family swims often, it’s playful swimming.  We knew they needed to learn different swimming techniques before they tried out, so they both took a swim class at the Y.  They improved their free style swim and backstroke, which would help them at tryout.


There are 4 levels on the team, divided up by their skill level.  We were nervous about tryout, but they shouldn’t have been.  The Y’s coaches  works hard to place swimmers in the appropriate team, and to give all swimmers that can meet the requirement of swimming the entire distance of the pool a chance.

Both my son and daughter made the team!  They were so excited!

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They practice twice a week in the evenings, until they move up to a higher level.  The first couple of practices were tough!  They are in the pool swimming back and forth for 40 minutes, with very little rest!  My son, 13, who is very active and runs daily, came out exhausted!  He did suffer from some muscle cramps the first day, so we researched muscle stretches for him to do before swimming, and made sure he’s getting plenty to drink before during practice!  I’ve been stocking more bananas in the house, too, and encouraging them to eat one before or after each practice.

arlington ymcaSwim Meets

My daughter has her first swim meet in a week.  Her coach explained that it’s best to get them going to meets right away, to help them understand what’s required of them!  At 11 years old, she plans to be a marine biologist one day.  If she does, then being a good swimmer seems like a job requirement.  Of course, they’ll both earn self-confidence from learning something new, and I like that.  They think it’s fun, and that’s important, too!

If you would like more information on the Arlington YMCA’s Swim Team, please click HERE to be taken to their website.

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