Klyde Warren Park, Dallas

My two oldest children are going to volunteer this summer at the Dallas Zoo, and are required to have a TB test.  We drove to Dallas early in the morning to get the test, which only took a moment, and I was TRYING to get them back to school before they missed their first block.


When we saw this BIG sign in front of Medieval Times!  I’ve already taken their BIG picture, a promotion from Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (click HERE to read about it).  I just HAD to turn around and take a quick picture!

And then my kids knew, like a hungry little perch that has bitten their line, they had me HOOKED!

It’s about an hour drive back from Dallas, and they begged for just a little more sight seeing before we returned to school and reality.  Since I had already mentally checked out for summer, it was easy to convince me.


We drove by the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science!  It’s such an amazing building, and they BEGGED me, but I knew at some point I HAD to get them to school, and using all my will power I kept driving.


Ah, the Dallas Museum of Art!  It’s so beautiful, but another destination that I knew we wouldn’t be able to spend just a little bit of time!  However, right across the street is the brand new Klyde Warren Park!


Klyde Warren Park is small, only 5.2 acres, but it’s built OVER Woodall Rogers Freeway!  Talk about effectively using your space!


Trees have been planted, as well as grass and lots of flowers!  Chess tables are set up for use by guest, and you can “borrow” magazines and some books for reading in the shade.  They even have board games!


I was a little nervous at first about the two streets that run on either side of the park, since my five year old is a RUNNER!  I love that the Children’s Park is fenced off from the rest of the park.


My kids enjoyed this climbing structure, and I enjoyed the terrific skyline all around us!




Yes, real restrooms, with changing stations and lots of hand washing options!


The playspace for younger children was unlike any we had seen before!


There is even a splash park, sadly it was closed the day we were there for repairs.  That’s okay, just a reason for a return visit!


We left the Children’s Playground and headed to the shiny Muse Family Performance Pavilion.  It wasn’t in use that morning, but promises music of different venues during the day and evening!

A restaurant is still under construction, and we watched as food trucks set up along the street.


The Ginsberg Family Great Lawn is a wide open space for games of tag, kite flying and so much more!


Yoga classes, stroller boot camp and active meditation are just some of the daily activities that take place on the Great Lawn.  It’s such a peaceful escape from the busy downtown.


We walked down and crossed Olive St. to the East Lawn.  Here you can borrow golf balls and putters to work on your game.  My five year old doesn’t have “game”, except for miniature golf, which he LOVES and was excited to get to putt around!


Park employees push little carts, from which you can obtain balls for the foosball table and ping pong tables, too!  They just require a form of identification to secure it!


My kids favorite was ping pong!  It was such a perfect day!


Even though we didn’t bring our best friend, we checked out the dog park on our way back to our car.  It was such a terrific day, and the kids still made it back to school without being late…. for lunch!

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We usually park at the Perot Museum, and after a morning of exploring the museum, we walk down to Klyde Warren to grab lunch from one of the food trucks!  Click HERE to read more about the Perot!


Savor is the main restaurant at Klyde Warren Park, and Relish is it’s smaller little brother!  Click HERE to see their menu.

Klyde Warren Park 

2012 Woodall Rogers Freeway, Dallas

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