Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History offers amazing, interactive exhibits, permanent exhibits, Imax, the Noble Planetarium and some incredible traveling exhibits as well.  RIMG0085.JPG

Know Before You Go

Parking is $8, and gives you access to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, as well as the National Cowgirl Museum.  The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Kimball Art Museum and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art are just a short walk away.


The Urban Lantern sits above the main entrance to the museum.  At night, the lantern lights up with 32 color changing LED fixtures.  The Lantern is meant as a symbolic way of enlightening the community, and guiding them to a place of learning.

Inside the lantern is a piece of the 9/11 World Trade Center.


One of my children’s favorite features is the huge dinosaur that greets you as you leave the parking garage and head towards the Omni entrance!  A welcome left over from before the museum’s renovation a few years ago, I have pictures of my children since they were toddlers standing in front of it!   Let the kids scream in terror and delight as the forever stands ready to attack!

Another favorite outside dinosaur is Ferns Worth, a topiary made of wire in the shape of the State Dinosaur of  Texas, the paluxysaurus jonesi.  


More dinosaurs can be found at the DinoDig, accesible through the museum, with a paid admission.   You may not know that the DinoDig is a replica of the actual dig site at the Jones Ranch, where the “Paluxysaursus jonesi was discovered in 1982.  DinoDig® features rock formations embedded with fossils based on the actual dig site.”  It’s a great place for kids to pretend to be palentologist and dig not only for stationary bones, but also shark teeth and other sea fossils from a time when N. Texas was a shallow sea, which the museum disperses throughout the exhibit.  My little boy loves to bring his plastic dinosaurs from home to play with, as well.

The indoor exhibit, DinoLabs, is currently undergoing renovations.

Cattle Raisers Museum

Located on the 2nd Floor, the Cattle Raisers Museum offers a glimpse into the history of Texas’ cattle and ranch industry.  The interactive cattle round-up is always fun for younger children.

Noble Planetarium

The Planetarium offers daily shows about space, black holes and the always popular Big Bird, One World One Sky for the youngest astronomers.   For a list of current shows, click HERE.


Once a month the museum host a star party on the front lawn.  These parties are FREE to everyone, and they have telescopes and friendly volunteers to help explain to you what you are seeing!  Click HERE for Star Party dates and more information!

Imagination Station

Kids of all ages will love these fun rooms filled with building materials, such as Keva Planks, one of our favorites!

Fort Worth Children’s Museum

Kids and their adults will find hours of play among the fun activities, including a pretend grocery store, toy trains, a doctor’s office and much more!


During summer, being outside in Texas means getting wet, and the museum offers a couple of different solutions to cooling off.  There a several water play stations set up outside the Children’s Museum, which is located inside the FW Museum of Science and History, and is accessible with a paid admission.

Energy Blast

Learn about the region’s energy needs and how it’s natural resources are used in this interesting exhibit.

Omni Theater

Watch Omni movies and documentaries, as well as many first-run movies in this large, dome-shaped theater.


We all love this metal turtle located in front of Ferns Worth on the North side of the museum.  Actually a Galapagos Tortoise, the sculpture was made from chrome car bumpers and welded steel by Jon G. Bedford in 1984, according to Roadside  


And a summer visit wouldn’t be complete without a little playtime in the fountain in front of the National Cowgirl Museum, next door to the FW Museum of Science and History! Bring a towel to spread out on the warm concrete, and let the kids enjoy themselves!

National Cowgirl Museum

Receive half off admission to National Cowgirl Museum, located next door. Click HERE to read more.


Things To Do in Fort Worth


The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is just south on University from the FWMSH, and a fun and FREE way to spend a little time outdoors!  Click HERE to read more.


Drive over to Fred’s Texas Cafe on Currie for great burgers you can eat in the back of a pickup truck.  Click HERE for their menu.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

1600 Gendy Street, Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.

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