Alpine Shooting Range, Fort Worth

I was still feeling pretty awesome after my terrific shooting display during my Mother’s Day Shotgun introduction with my kid’s 4-H leaders, since I didn’t miss a single time I shot.  I only shot 3 times, which explains why I”ve never lost much money at a casino, I know when to walk away.



But a few days later my husband wakes me up early and wants to go out to Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth and shoot traps with me.  Hmmm… at the 4-H shoot, someone was loading my gun for me, making sure I put it in exactly the right nitch in my shoulder so the kick wouldn’t hurt (and it didn’t).  I wasn’t sure I was ready to do all that for myself, so I insisted our daughter come with us, thinking she would at least make me look good.  I was pretty sure I could shoot better than her.



When we got to Alpine, we had to go inside to pay for the range, and buy some shells and clays.  We already had my dad’s 12 gauge shotgun, ear and eye protection.  The range has a nice store, so we spent a little time looking around, too!  My kids and I LOVE Zombie targets, we even use them for Nerf guns in the house!




They also offer Hunter Education Classes through Texas Parks and Wildlife.



Then we went out to the trap range!  You insert one or two clay disc or “pigeons” in the arm of the machine.  When you are ready to shoot, you say “pull”, and your partner releases the arm which sends the disc flying.  Hopefully, you can shoot and break it!  It’s simulating shooting birds.

Alpine also offers skeet shooting, which is similar to trap but the clays are launched at a different angle, as well as a handgun firing range.

I haven’t done Sporting Clays yet, but really want to.  As we were shooting, I watched as golf carts took about 4 shooters down a trail into the woods, or so it seemed.  Upon asking, they explained they were being taken to the Sporting Clays, where you shoot at clays coming from many different directions, most accurately simulating a real bird hunt.


So, how did we do?  Well, of the box of clays I shared with my husband and daughter, I hit O-N-E!   However, my little girl was knocking them out of the sky like crazy, even working her way up to shooting and hitting two clays on one pull!

I was really impressed with her shooting, and she begged and we agreed to let her join the 4-H shotgun team, too.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!