Buffalo Boogie 5K, Fort Worth Nature Center

Do buffalo boogie?  Well, probably not, but at the Fort Worth Nature Center, there certainly are a lot of people, and dogs, doing the Buffalo Boogie.

buffalo boogie logo

My daughter and I, and our labrador, Superdog, were excited to be among the many to participate in the Buffalo Boogie 5K.   Early that morning we picked up our packets, and visited with the many vendors before  the race began.  Of course, I also had to “pick up” after our dog, who chose the worst possible place to go, right in front of a vendors booth!  I didn’t have a bag, it took forever to find one, and even though I removed all evidence, it still smelled.


We headed down to the start of the race, with many, many more dogs!


My daughter really wanted to run the race, but she wanted to take Superdog with her.  This would be her first time to run with the dog, and I was concerned because she a very strong dog, and she gets a little nervous around so many other dogs.  Superdog’s literally scared to death of chihuahuas if they start barking at her, and tries to get ME to hold her!


Because I’m a pushover for my daughter, I let them go together and move as close to the start line as possible.  I’m a walker, not a runner, and since I planned to take lots of pictures, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them!

However, as soon as the starting gun fired, I watched Superdog leap forward then dart backwards, knocking my daughter right on her back!  OUCH!


So, Superdog and I walked along together, enjoying the beautiful roads of Fort Worth Nature Center, with my sweet eleven year old limping along beside me!


In places along the route, the scent of newly blooming honeysuckle was so heavy that I didn’t think I could breathe!  Amazing!


Now, there were really alot of dogs at this race, and they were prepared for them.  Drinking stations for people and pups were set up, along with little pools for the dogs to cool off!  Superdog loves to swim, and was excited to get wet!


Other dogs were enjoying the water, too!  I think my shadow is in every picture I took!


But when my waterdog saw the lake, she barked at me until we stopped and I let her take a quick dip!  The Fort Worth Nature Center sits along the shores of Lake Worth, and offers monthly canoeing activities, click HERE to read more!


The Buffalo Boogie is named for the FWNC’s resident herd of Buffalo.  A white calf had recently been born at the center, and was scheduled to make it’s debut during the race.  Unfortunantly, by the time we reached their range, they had retreated into the tree and shade.

The white buffalo is considered sacred among Native Americans, however this little one is genetically engineered by breeding a buffalo with a white Charolais cow.  True white buffalo are extremely rare, and when one was born in Greenville a few years ago, we drove out to see it.  Named Lightening Medicine Cloud, my little girl just loved it, keeping a picture on her wall until we heard of it’s mysterious death last fall.  Click HERE if you would like to read more about it.


At one of the watering stations, we were entertained by these singers!


And Mother Nature gave us some incredible distractions, too!


And finally we crossed the finish line!  Not the best time, unless you think spending time with two of your favorite girls is the best time!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!  (and remember to keep your shadow out of your pictures!)