4-H Mother’s Day Event at Ellis County Sportsman’s Club

For Mother’s Day weekend, my children’s archery coach put together a special introduction to archery event just for us moms at Ellis County Sportsman’s Club.



I was so excited to start shooting, but quickly realized how hard it is!  It really gave me alot of appreciation for what my children are doing each week!  I learned that although I’m right handed, I’m left eye dominant and had to make some adjustments while shooting, at least that’s the excuse I’m using for barely hitting the target!



The next part of the evening was shotgun shooting, something I wasn’t really interested in, and my children don’t do, but our pot luck dinner was afterwards, and I usually want to at least give something a try!  Don, the club president, gave us an introduction to the shotgun parts, and even opened up a shell so we could see what we are shooting.



Sherri Lewis, a professional shooter, and has shot all over the world, joined us and shared some great stories about shooting.  She then helped fit us with guns and we all went out to the trap range to try it out!  My father was a hunter, but I hadn’t shot a shotgun since I was a child, but maybe it’s like riding a bicycle, because it came right back to me.  I even hit the clay pigeon each time I shot!  I was so excited, and Sherrie even signed a shell for me!

DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide


Sherrie told us she was a member of DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide, located in Dallas.  The DIVAS offer women an introduction to outdoor skills, and host many events throughout the year.  Check them out!  

Afterwards, we all had dinner.  It was a terrific evening, and I’ll tell you again how much I love that my children have joined 4-H.  Click on the following links to read more about it; Flashlight Archery Campout  and my daughter’s First 4-H Archery Competition.

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