Half Price Books

Our little house is just getting too little, and we need to free up a little extra space.

As much as I HATE it, I realized I was going to HAVE to let some of my books go.  I never get rid of books, except fiction paperbacks, which I am only too happy to pass down to another reader!


After digging through bookcases and bookcases, I found some old books I had purchased and some I had been given back in my lifetime before children, when I worked in home sales.  These books hadn’t been opened in years, and I don’t know why I was holding onto them……


Half Price Books

Although we are at our local Half Price Books enough to know most of the staff, I have NEVER sold a book there!  I called up and asked them how it works, and if there are any pointers.  I was told to bring in the books, and they would have an offer for me within 30 minutes, unless they were extremely busy or I was bringing in ALOT of books.  The offer would be for the stack as a whole, not for each individual book, so I should let them know if there was a certain book or books I wanted priced individually.


We left the books to be reviewed, and looked around the store a bit.


I found all these terrific camping cookbooks!  Unlike my self help and sales books, I can definitely find space at home for more camping cookbooks!   Hey, there is a fine line between “collecting” and hoarding!


Cha-ching!  I was happy to accept their offer, making about $1 a book, which is what I would probably make if I sold them at a garage sale.  The best part, no garage sale!

Half Price Books FEED YOUR BRAIN Summer Reading Program 

Each summer, HPB offers a Summer Reading Program.  Children are encouraged to read a minimum of 15 minutes a day, and keep track of their minutes.  Turn in the log for June and July, once they have completed 300 minutes, they can turn in their log and receive HPB Bookworm Bucks to spend in the store!

One top reader per age group is awarded a $20 gift card each month!

Don’t miss the BIGGEST STORYTIME OF THE YEAR on Sunday, June 2 at 2pm at Half Price Books!

To kick off their Summer Reading Program, join Half Price Books in a storytime event!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!