4-H Camping and Flashlight Target Practice

After about a year of pleading, my oldest son and daughter received their first bows, and are participating in a 4-H archery shooting sport club.  They are really enjoying going to practices, and my daughter was even able to participate in her first archery tournament!

Their club hosted a campout and a flashlight target practice, and my kids couldn’t wait to go!  Since I wasn’t able to attend with them, I’ve asked each of them to write about it!


My Little Katniss Over the weekend I went to a 4-H camp and shoot out with our 4-H club.  After listening to a safety speech about staying with our chaperone and staying away from Poison Ivy, we loaded up our things and headed to the campsite.  I had my own tent and had some trouble setting it up.  We then broke up into groups.  I was with my brother, Cole,  his best friend, Nate, and another little girl.  We worked cleaning up the new 3D archery range.  We raked and used the weed trimmer, chompers and shovels to clean out the lanes. We then played “Catch Wolf” with shotguns and we shot skeet!  It was my first time to shoot a shotgun, and I never missed!  Afterwards was flashlight target practice, but we didn’t use our flashlights becausse our team leader was in the military, and said if you turn off your flashlight you can see anything that is in the way.  Also, it was my first time to use my new bow!  When we were done we went to the campfire and roasted marshmallows for smores.  It was alot of fun!


Hawkeye “On the 4-H campout last week we showed up and signed in.  We mostly did conservation work, burning and cutting down poision ivy.  Besides that we went skeet shooting with 20 gage or 12 gage (shotguns), later we went flashlight bow shooting and I hit all but one then we went to sleep.


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Both my kids are using Genesis Bows, and we love them!  They are terrific bows for kids their age, and the bow’s single cam technology makes it easier for the kids because it shoots like a bow with a higher poundage.  Genesis Bows are the official bows of National Archery in the Schools Program.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!