Cooper Farms Peaches, Fairfield

Fairfield is a little town of about 14,000, located on I-45 just south of Corsicana.  The county seat of Freestone County, it has a cute little courthouse square filled with eclectic antique shops like the Armadillo Emporium!


One of the must stops in town, whether you are visiting or just traveling down I-45, is Cooper Farms Peaches!


Their story started with a farm in Fairfield, where they grow big, beautiful peaches!  Each Spring/Summer they would set up a little produce stand off the highway.  As demand for their peaches grew, so did their number of stands.


Now, they have a permanent storefront on I-45 in Fairfield, which also sells sodas and……  gas at reasonable prices!


The store sells more than just peaches, including pecans, whole and candied, local honey, pies and breads and various canning jars filled with happiness!  I loved the Peach Preserves, which tasted like sunshine in a jar!


Of course, the peaches aren’t ready just yet.  They are just little fuzzy green orbs growing on the trees in April, but Cooper Farms still has some terrific produce available, grown in Fairfield in their hothouse!  As a self proclaimed LOCAVORE, I love this!  (Don’t worry, I don’t have to register with the city of anything.)

LOCAVORE (n) : one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.  

We purchased a bag of strawberries, pronounced STARBERRIES by my 5 year old, which made a great accompaniment to the picnic we had later that day!


We also had to have some of their HOMEMADE ice cream!  It’s delicious!

Cooper Farms Peaches is located at 301 I-45, Fairfield exit 198, but you can find their delicious peaches at other local markets, CLICK HERE to see their other locations!

Their peaches and hot house tomatoes can also be found at Whole Earth Foods, Central Market (HEB), and Sprouts.

Cooper Farms Peaches

301 I-45 Fairfield

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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