The Safari Express at the Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo has a new attraction for it’s younger guest, the Safari Express!


My five year couldn’t wait to go ride it!  Like most little children, he loves trains!  I was surprised he didn’t ask about the tracks, of which there are none.  He was more concerned with all the fun buttons on the engine!


It cost $2 per person to ride the train, which takes you on a short trip, lasting only a few minutes.  It’s not a tour of the zoo, but more like an amusement ride.  Of course, my little guy just loved it, all three times we rode it!  I was glad they take credit cards as well as cash at the ticket booth!


Did he enjoy it?  Just look at that smile!


Several colorful macaws call the area inside the train’s course home!  They were very loud each time the train approached them, delighting my boy!


The train ride sits where the large mammal enclosures use to be.   The camel rides have been moved to a shadier part of the zoo, and the other animals were relocated to the Wilds of Africa.  You can see them on the Monorail Safari ride, which takes you to places in the zoo you can only see on the tour!  The cost is $3/person and includes a humorous guide!


The zoo has also utilized some of the vacated space for the new and covered Picnic Ridge!  It’s a great place to bring your lunch, watch the train and relax!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!