Pond Boss

When I think about the title of this blog, Having Fun in the Texas Sun, lots of images come to mind, and most of them have something to do with water.  Because I love natural, clean and fresh water, with little or no concrete around, the way it’s suppose to be!  Swimming, boating, fishing or any of the other ways it can be enjoyed.


Which is ONE of the reasons I was so eager to attend the Pond Boss presentation at the Mansfield Feed Mill, which coincided with their upcoming fish truck delivery.  For years I had heard the name Pond Boss, and wanted to learn more about them.


The OTHER reason I wanted to attend is that we have a “pond” on our property, for the kids to catch fish and the labs to swim in.  But thanks to a nearby neighbor damming our creek to build his own pond, it is now just a soggy hole in the ground.  I had visions of a windmill driven pump well to keep the pond filled, and wanted some direction.

pond bossI knew that Pond Boss is a magazine “dedicated to managing private waters”, by educating land owners about the ways to build or upkeep their pond or lake, and that they also offer on location consultations, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I reserved a spot for myself and my fisher-boy.  Unfortunantly, his dreams of learning the secrets to being a fish whisperer were crushed by too much homework on the night of the presentation.


I arrived as Bob Lusk of Pond Boss was just getting started, and took my place on one of the bales of hay the Feed Mill had put out for seating.  Gotta love it!  Bob discussed with us the importance of defining what, as land owners, we want to achieve from our pond, be it fishing or other recreation.  He discussed habitat, pond stocking and feeding, plants and that every action we as land owners make has an outcome on the entire lake.  He was full of witty stories and wisdom, as only someone who has been in his business for decades can be.

pond boss magazine

Lusk also took questions from the crowd, as we each had our own unique concern.  It was fun listening as attendees talked excitedly about preparing to build their ponds!  Afterwards we lined up to get our own discounted subscription of Pond Boss, in hopes that we can grab more pond saving advice from it’s pages!

And I do enjoy reading Pond Boss!  Not only is it filled with information for pond and land owners, but there is also information about fishing and wildlife, wild game recipes and much more!  To view a copy, or order your own subscription, click HERE!

Remember my problem with my ditch, I mean pond.  Lusk quickly crushed my much too expensive dream of building a windmill to pump water from the aquifer below.  He advised that the water I would be pumping in would have a different chemical composition than the water coming off the creek, probably more acidic, and could end up doing more harm than good.  He did however suggest that I look into rerouting the water from the rest of our land, so that it drains into our pond, which is completely doable!  And I can still use a windmill to keep the pond properly aerated!  While I wasn’t ready to get a load of fingerlings from the fish truck on Saturday, at least I now have a plan!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


By the way, Pond Boss did not financially compensate me for this post, and all opinions are my own.