Mockingbird Nature Park, Midlothian

It’s amazing the things you can find when surfing the internet.  That’s how I happened upon this wonderful trail in Midlothian, at the Mockingbird Nature Park.  It’s a short trip from home so I though it was worth checking out!


I became a little skeptical when I made my exit off Hwy 67 beside a huge refinery, which my five year old thought was “cool”!  Ugh!  I turned into the park’s empty parking lot, and was also a little disappointed in the wildflower area, which boasted no wildflowers.  But we enjoyed seeing what was sprouting in the Butterfly Garden as we waited for some friends who were meeting us there.


Once we started on the hiking trail, we did find a few bluebonnets, and some other wildflowers scattered about.  It’s amazing how quickly we “escaped” from the nearby suburban vicinity!  Ah, breathe!


The 1.0 mile trail is nicely marked with signs.


I absolutely LOVE the bird blind sitting just off the trail!


Inside the blind are guides for native Texas butterflies, birds, reptiles and mammals.  My little boy was able to identify two of the butterflies we saw as we sat in the shade of the blind.


Watching the watchers.


The bird blind looks out to a small, fresh water source for local birds and wildlife.  The water is supplied by a rain barrel, which catches water coming off the roof of the bird blind, and filled by a s-l-o-w dripline.


The park has been adopted by the Indian Trail Master Naturalist Chapter of Ellis and Navarro County.  They also hold a series of morning strolls the first and third Monday of the month at 10am, and have hosted evening hikes during the summer to explore the nocturnal settings of the park.  Visit their website for more information.


Back on the trail, which was filled with butterflies to “chase’.


Oh, this poor little pond.  The only major water source for birds and wildlife, it was extremely low and mostly lifeless, although we did see a few frogs. I think they should call Pond Boss.  A nearby coyote poked it’s head out from behind some cedar trees as we walked to the pond, but then laid back down as we passed.


As the trail continued on, the prairie turned to more dense vegetation, and plenty of welcome shade!  Don’t you love our “line leaders”?


Towards the end of the trail we came upon this wooden boardwalk that stretches along a potential wet area.  The boys loved racing along it before we looped back.  This is the only part of the trail that you traverse twice.

I love this little park, and look forward to many trips back!

My Mommy Tips: 

  • Always a biggie for me, the only restrooms are port-a-potties, but my friend said they were the cleanest she has ever used!   I always keep toliet paper and soap in my car, just in case.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of water for drinking and hand washing!
  • Don’t forget a picnic blanket if you are planning to bring lunch, as there are not any tables.  Which is okay, blankets are more fun, anyway!
  • It appears the trails are also used by horses and mountain bikes, although I never found a sign stating if they were allowed or not.


Things To Do in Midlothian


Campuzano’s in Downtown Midlothian is a real favorite for us!  I love the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Mockingbird Nature Park  

1361 Onward Rd, Midlothian   

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