Girls in Engineering Day at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


Each year, during National Engineers Week, usually the 3rd week in February,  we visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for their annual Girl Scout Girls in Engineering Day event!


Special events and activities are planned throughout the museum for National Engineering Week, which is open to everyone!  Girl Scouts must complete several of the stations and get them signed off to earn a reward.

Some of our favorite exhibits were:

uta racecar

The UTA Formula SAE race car

The University of Texas at Arlington competes annually in the FSAE  race and builds a new race car each year.  We had recently seen the race car one Sunday afternoon while we were visiting the UTA Planetarium, and were excited to see it again!  Click here to read about or visit to the planetarium!

mouser logo

Mouser Electronics Robots

Sensor Robots rode around the museum floor, thrilling my youngest and oldest.  Mouser sells kits for robot obsessed children, like mine!  Click on the link above to be taken to a list of their kits for sale.


Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Simulator 

My oldest son’s favorite!  He spent most of his time either watching others or trying it out for himself!

KEVA planks

We love these maple wood planks, all identical in shape, and perfectly balanced for extreme building for imaginative minds!  Kids and parents alike were building towers, and the museum was keeping a record of whose was the highest!  I also love that KEVA is a family owned business, and the planks are made in the United States.

And MOre…..

There was so much more we enjoyed!  My daughter busied herself for about an hour, using a screwdriver and taking apart an old VCR, while one of the volunteers explained to her the different components as she reduced it to metal, screws and bolts.


My five year old was kept busy with the doodle robots, and building a marshmallow and toothpick sculpture.  I loved the simplicity of this activity, and that it was something he could continue when we got home!

Our most favorite was the RECYCLED ROBOTS!  Using old boxes, cartons and bottles, all three of my kids created almost life sized “robots”!  My son used a pendulum to make his “walk”, while my daughter put rollers on the bottom of her’s, and my five year old used the old school method of having MOM carry it home!


Permanent Exhibits

Of course, the museum also had all of their permanent exhibits, with volunteers who explained the “engineering” of these activities.  We made paper airplanes, and launched them on their automatic launcher, and using their wind machines, we worked and re-worked coffee filters and paper cups to make  hover machines!


My Mommy Teacher Tips

  • To fully engage your children in these type of activities, put away your watch.  Many times we have spent the entire day on one exhibit, creating and recreating something.  Be patient and don’t hurry them on.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!