Ranch House Barbecue, Glen Rose


Word is that the Ranch House is permanently closed.  I’ll leave the post here while I grieve for all the chicken fried steaks I never got to eat.

When I do a post about a restaurant, it’s going to be because I really LIKE the place!

For me, the best restaurants are going to be the ones that make me feel comfortable.  That’s why I love Ranch House Bar-B-Q in Glen Rose.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

We travel to or through Glen Rose a few times a year, and it’s always a treat when we are hungry and they are open.


The Food

The sign says Bar-B-Q but I’ve never ordered it.  I always ask for their chicken fried steak fingers.  Delicious, hand battered, and peppery just the way I like them!   Don’t ask me about the rest of their food, I don’t know.

Want an appetizer?  Grab a table out under the huge tree (you will have to order your food to go) and enjoy the pecans laying all around you!  Really, they may have appetizers on the menu, but my kids would prefer this over anything else!   They love picking up handfuls and breaking them on the wooden tables.  I love how they stare awestruck at their dad when he cracks them in his bare hand!  We are feeding so much more than our bellies!


The Ambiance

As many times as I’ve eaten at The Ranch House, I’ve never dined inside.  To me, you can’t beat sitting outside, the delicate smell of the smoker in the back.  It’s very laid back, on our last visit our glass of tea was in a Fuzzy’s cup.  Ranch cats and kittens run around the yard, giving my youngest entertainment, in return for a few fries.  The owner and his sons come out to check on us, even though we have already paid.  They chat with us about things in town, or the weather.  We feel like locals.


The Hours

If I owned a restaurant, I would want it to be just like The Ranch House.  Because I would want to feed good food to good folks, but if the fish were biting, or the river was running just right, or it was just too pretty of a day to work, I might want to close early.  And I might want others to not get all upset over it.  That’s how it is at The Ranch House.  They don’t post hours, because they will probably, most likely, be there.  But just in case.  And I totally get that!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!