Sulphur Springs Camp, Bend

We awoke on the spring morning of our first visit to Sulphur Springs Camp in Bend to hear a chorus of birds singing around our tent, keeping harmony with the sound of the water as it rippled and bubbled along the Colorado River.  It really was paradise.  We were the only campers along the stretch of river, and while the park later became crowded with people playing and floating down the river, the morning was as peaceful as you could ask for!

It’s not all peace and quiet.  Just getting there is exciting!  Bend is located in the Texas Hill Country, about 24 miles west of Lampasas.  From Bend, you travel down 6 miles of a dusty, gravel road lined with nothing but rocks, cactus and some cedar trees.


The road is a huge contrast to our campsite alongside the Colorado River.  Soft grass eaten down by white tail deer and feral goats made a comfortable spot for us to put up our tent.  We were sandwiched between two 150′ canyon walls, creating an incredibly picturesque site!  The limestone canyon is dotted with inlets and small caves!  At dusk, we watched for bats, but didn’t see any.  We sat cuddled by our fire, under a  sky completely sparkling with stars.  Then the sound of the nearby river flowing over rocks lulled us to sleep, still with that smile on my face.  It was amazing!

What You Need To Know: 


Sulphur Springs Camp is owned by Kay and Dean Thompson.  They are friendly and super helpful, and will happily assist you to insure the very best experience!  The camp offers 7 cabins, and during our visit they were putting in new, soft mattresses!

If you have an RV, they have hook ups for you guys!


But we are tent campers!  Tent camping is offered further down the river, and is ALL PRIMITIVE!  That means, no concrete parking pad, no electricity, no water except what you get out of the river.  It also means it’s a little more isolated and quiet, at least it was when we were there.


Although all the tent camping sites are beautiful, we drove down almost to the Colorado Bend State Park boundary to camp, which is pretty far.  About half way down a sign tells you to stop unless the road is DRY, and that you will have to pay to be towed out.   It’s also not a good road to drive at night, which brings me to something very important to me…  restrooms.

They have showers and restrooms near the camp store.    I never go camping without toilet paper and hand soap, just in case!  The tent camping sites have a latrine.  If, like me, you want to camp as far away and primitive as possible, but also enjoy the luxury of going potty without pest at your feet, especially late at night, I introduce to you the bucket potty.

The Bucket Potty

Take a bucket, I prefer the orange ones from Home Depot for some reason, a commode seat, also available at Home Depot and a tarp.  The tarp is for privacy, and I bet you can pick one up at Home Depot as well.   The Bucket Potty is a necessity when camping with little kids.

But PLEASE, respect your environment!  Empty your bucket in the latrine!



The camp has a swimming pool for use during the summer months.  The water is from the Sulphur Spring located in the camp, from which the camp gets it’s name.  The water may have a little sulphur smell, but it’s a cold, constant 68 degrees!


You can explore along the river and the canyons.


There’s great fishing along the river!  During the winter, TP&W stocks the river with trout, too!  Fish cleaning stations are available, too.  There is nothing better than fresh fish on a camp fire next to the river it was caught in!

You can play and swim in the river, or bring your own tubes or canoes/kayaks.  Check the water level before heading out at  Go to River Report, Upper Basin Colorado River near Bend and Cherokee Creek near Bend.

Bring EVERYTHING you need, including a full tank of GAS!!

It’s a LONG way from anything!  The camp store sells worms, bread, sodas, bug spray and sunscreen.  And they take CREDIT CARDS!!  I forgot to check before we drove out there, and was SCARED TO DEATH that they didn’t!


While we were there, I wanted so badly to post pictures on facebook of the beautiful scenery, us sitting by the fire, the stars, but I couldn’t log on to facebook.  In fact, I had no phone service at all.  The camp has a PAY PHONE, which we all got a chuckle out of!  But once you accept that you are isolated from the outside world, you can enjoy being truly in the moment!

Sulphur Springs camp is an amazing adventure!  Just go, and see if you, too, don’t smile in your sleep!!

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Sulphur Springs Camp  

2935 County Road 446, Bend

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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