Twisted Root Burger Company

What started as a small burger restaurant in Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas has now grown to over 20 locations!  While nothing can compare to the Deep Ellum location, we’ve been to several and love them!  From their house root beer to the varied pickle selection, we keep going back!

And I really LIKE  Twisted Root Burger Company.  Here’s why…

Their Food

My son and I had the burgers, which were incredible!  Perfectly cooked, juicy and tasty!  A little messy like a good burger should be!  Click here to see their menu.

They also offer exotic meats, like buffalo, ostrich, elk, rabbit, emu and kangaroo.  My thirteen year old son can’t wait to go back and try an ostrich burger with his culinary group, The Foodzillas!

We also ordered the Fried Ride, which is a combination of everything fried!  Fried pickles, onion rings, french fries, fried green beans and sweet potato chips.  It was huge and delicious!  Everything is hand battered, and served with 2 yummy ranch dressings, peppercorn and chipotle.


Don’t miss the Pickle Bar!

Other good things to try?  They have a Maple flavored Root Beer that’s definitely different.  They also make their own custard ice cream in store.  Be sure and leave room for a shake or root beer float.


Their Decor

My kids got a huge kick out of the place.  An actual RV sits in the dining room, for “adult” drinks.  The restrooms are made to resemble port-a-pottys, and the booth seating is on ice chest!  My kids don’t get near that excited when we go camping and that’s what they HAVE to sit on!


Funny signs and bumper stickers are scattered around the place.  And year round Christmas lights, the sure sign of a good restaurant!

Their Fun

After you order, they give you a name (instead of that silly one your mother gave you)!  I was, of course, Cinderella!  I guess “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” was already taken.


My Mommy Tip: 

  • Skip the kid’s meals and order a burger instead.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!