Valentine Tot’s Party at Hugh Smith Rec Center, Arlington


Don’t you just love these cute little shaggy monsters?

My five year old son made his at the Valentine Tot’s Party at Hugh Smith Recreation Center in Arlington.  It was our special Valentine’s date for just the two of us!


We had a great time as he made crafts, played games,


decorated cupcakes and DANCED!!


Of course, he also whined alot before we left, because he LOVES the playroom at Hugh Smith, he really wanted to go play with their toys, too!

And, as I expected, as soon as we got home my daughter wanted to make a little shaggy Valentine of her own!  They are very easy and fun!

Shaggy Valentines:


Items Needed:

Small dixie cup


googly eyes

pipe cleaner

hot glue gun

construction paper or scrapbook paper

1.  Precut the yarn for the body and the hair of your monster.  Cut approximately 9 inches, for the body and 6 inches for the hair.  How much you need depends on the thickness of your yarn.  Tie in the middle with a piece of yarn.


2.  Tie each in the middle with a small piece of yarn.


3.  Place a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of the dixie cup.


4.  Press the body yarn down, and put more hot glue on that for the hair.  Press down the hair and hold until secure.  Be careful not to get burned!

5.  Put a little hot glue on the eyes and put them on the yarn, holding until set.


6. Fold the pipe cleaner in half, and cut.


7.  Twist the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it look “springy”.


8.  Cut heart shapes from construction or scrapbook paper, or we used little foam hearts we already had on hand.  Glue the hearts to the pipe cleaner.

9.  Hot glue each antena onto the top of your shaggy monster, and wha-la (Texas for voila), you’re done!

Super Thanks to Susie at Hugh Smith for showing us a great time, as always, and her great craft idea!!

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