Girl Scout Cookie Time

Well, it’s that time again!  Girl Scout cookie time, that is!

Girl Scout Cookies 3

For the past five years my daughter has been selling cookies with her GS troop.  She enjoys getting the opportunity to talk to absolute strangers, and I love the real world lessons she is learning, such as counting change and keeping inventory.  I also love the intangible skills, including patience and persistence.  Each year she has  a goal (this year it is 500 boxes), and we keep selling until she hits that goal.  Some days are great, and some days we may sell only a few.  We stand outside different stores in our town, and some days are beautiful, but we have also sold on cold and rainy days, too!

Her Girl Scout troop uses the money for meeting activities, special events and  camp outs.  They have gotten to do overnight camps at SeaWorld San Antonio, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Space Center Houston, Texas State Aquarium and the Fort Worth Zoo.  This year they are planning an overnight at Moody Gardens in Galveston.  As their troop leader, I think it’s important that the activities they do are paid for with the money the girls earn, instead of mom and dad just writing out a check.

She also earns money for summer camp at a Girl Scout camp.  We wouldn’t be able to afford for her to go to camp, so she knows if she doesn’t sell cookies, she won’t get to go.  It’s quite an incentive!

Last year was her first year to go to a week long horse camp at Steven’s Ranch, a Girl Scout camp near Glen Rose, TX.  She loved getting to ride everyday.

girl scout cookies 4

Girl Scout in Texas

In Texas, there are over 230,000 Girl Scouts!  That’s a staggering number.  They are overseen by 8 different councils:

Girl Scout of Texas Oklahoma Plains

Girl Scouts of North East Texas

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto

Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas

Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Girl Scouts of Desert SouthWest 

Girl Scout Diamonds of ARK, OK and TX

Together the Girl Scout councils own over 30 camps throughout Texas, totaling over 6000 acres!  Each camp has a unique personality.  Some camps have outstanding equestian programs, while others offer archery, water sports and other activities.  Many camps are known for their improvements, such as the treehouse cabins at Camp Bette Perot (Palestine) or the Nature Center at Camp Agnes Arnold (Conroe) which was awarded the 2008 Excellence in Wood Design by the Texas Forestry Association.  Still other camps are recognized for their amazing natural locations and beauty, such as Camp Kiwanis in the Panhandle or Camp Casa Mare on Galveston Bay.

Unfortunantly, a decline in camping and economic demands is causing them, as well as other scouting organizations, to need to sell some of their camps.  For more information on scout camps, and the efforts being made by boys and girls to retain their camps, even at the expense of taking their councils to court, visit

So, what can a cookie do?  It turns out, quite a lot!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!