Texas Space Museum Exhibits

Here’s a list of our favorite Texas museums which are either dedciated to, or offer exhibits with insights into the space industry.

My little 5 year old decided he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, after receiving this Imaginext Space Shuttle from his uncle!  I can’t help buy smile at his exclamation, astronauts, NASA and space exploration have been a huge part of the Texas image since 1965. 

1.  Texas Air & Space Museum, Amarillo
NASA gifted one of it’s four retiring space shuttle training aircrafts to the Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo.  Amarillo was the hometown of Rick Husband, commander of the final mission of the Columbia, who died on February 1, 2003 when the shuttle broke apart during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. 

2. Space Center Houston
Located next door to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Space Center Houston offers two floors of activities and exhibits for guest with lots of interactive, hands on learning!  I love the Starship Gallery and Nasa Tram Tour, which takes you on a tour of Johnson Space Center and mission control.  My kids can’t wait to visit the new Angry Birds Space, which just opened 12/28/2012!    Each Friday you can meet an Astronaut, or purchase tickets for their new “Lunch with an Astronaut”, when you get to sit down and enjoy a meal and stories from a real astronaut! 


3. Patricia Huffman Smith Museum, Hemphill
This small museum is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Columbia disaster, and to the local citizens who aided in the recovery, including the Texas Forest Service employee and the helicopter pilot who died during the search attempt. 

4. The Perot Museum, Dallas
Inside the new Perot Museum, Dallas’ newest shining star, is the Expanding Universe Hall.  Explore the solar system, and learn about the incredible tools scientist use to study the cosmos!