10 ways to be nice to others

In the wake of the awful incidents in Conneticut last Friday, I think that many of us are doing some reevaluating of our lives and our priorities. 

And we are hugging our children more.

I know that when I take my kids to school, I will look at their teachers in a different way.  Not just because of the heartache I know we all share, but because I realize that they are not just their teachers anymore, they are their protectors. 

These heroes, these victims of Sandy Hook brought us as a nation closer together, we all cried together. 

I ask myself, how can we honor them?  What can we do to make their lives matter?  How can their senseless death change the world for the better? 

How do we make the world better?  One act at a time. 

We all think, “Well, if I had more money, I would do more.”  But the truth is that the NICEST things you can do for someone cost nothing.  Here’s my list of ten things you can do this season (or anytime) to be nice to someone, and in return, make yourself feel better, too. 

1.  Give up that much sought after, up close and near the door parking space to the car behind you. 

2.  Go ahead and hold the door for the people behind you, even if it means you have to wait behind them in line. 

3.  Say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Good Tuesday” to someone. 

4.  If you are walking and see some trash, pick it up.  But don’t scold the person in front of you for dropping it. 

5.  Put out a bowl of clean water for the birds.  They get thirsty, too.

6.  On your way into the grocery store, take in a loose shopping cart someone forgot to put in the corral. 

7.  Practice patience and restraint.  Don’t post your complaints on facebook, but your blessings and best wishes instead.  

8.  Wave at your neighbor.  Offer to pick up their newspaper, mail etc. if they are going to be out of town. 

9.  Offer to babysit for someone so they can finish their shopping, or just get a break.   

10.  Stop by to visit with someone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that might otherwise be alone.  Take them a plate from your dinner, or better yet, invite them to join you. 


 With each and every simple gesture, we will mend and we will be stronger. 

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