Texas Best Sweet Potato 3.14

Do you know what makes me happy? 

Well, lots of things make me happy….. puppies and blue skies and clean beaches, tall trees and rainy days and …. and just lots! 

But what I’m talking about is the current Sweet Potato Revolution we are experiencing. 

It’s a quiet revolution, but it’s gaining speed.  Have you noticed? 

Restaurants are preparing the “other” orange root veggie in new and exciting ways.  Sweet Potato Chips, spicy and sweet, fries, mashed, even in stews.  And I like them All.  You better believe it! 

Why shouldn’t I?  Sweet Potatoes are historically a Southern food, and Texas grows a bunch, and really good ones!

But my favorite will always be the Sweet Potato Pie. 

There is something about the way the SP blends so well with heavy cream, and settles into a pie shell with such grace.  A true lady.  And while baking a pie is as easy as.. well…. pie, I thought I would share with you a list of some of my favorite Texas Sweet Potato Pies. 

House of Pies – Houston

Ahh, the pies I have eaten at this Houston institution, and some crazy times I have eaten them!  Open 24 hours a day, because you never know when the craving will call!  I’ve never had a bad one, but their Sweet Potato pie ranks high as…pie. 
The bad news is that they don’t ship out their pies, so you must visit one of their two locations in Houston to experience it for yourself! 

Hoover’s Cooking – Austin

It’s hard to save room for dessert, because the food is so good, but isn’t that why they make those little To-Go boxes.  Or just buy a whole pie and eat it in the car, cause you gotta have snacks for a road trip, and since when isn’t pie a snack?
In the new Austin food tradition, Hoover’s also has a food truck, Hoover’s Soular Foods Trailer.  I’m not sure if the SP pie can be found on wheels, but I’m plan to find out! 

Mamaw’s Fried Pies – Whitehouse

In the quiet little East Texas town of Whitehouse, the Sweet Potato Revolution is alive and well.  Mamaw’s Fried Pies takes their yummy sweet potato filling, mixes it with sugar and spice (and everything nice) and wraps in up in a flaky blanket of dough, frying them to perfection.  Pie Purist or not, these are wonderful!  Grab some on your way out to a day fishing or camping on nearby Lake Tyler,   The only downside, the Sweet Potato is only available when in season. Ugh.  Double Ugh. 


Earl Abel’s – San Antonio

Earl Abel’s in San Antonio has combined two Texas favorites for their Sweet Potato Pecan pies!  How crazy is that?  I have a problem appreciating pecans, but my husband claims Earl Abel’s is the best! 

I know….. there should be more. 

And at much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t tried them all.  Not yet, anyway. 

But if I left out your favorite, please let me know about it. 

And if you want to be in on the cutting edge of food revolutions, try adding some young sweet potato greens in a salad.  Their slightly sweet tang spices up your tired old lettuce.  What an amazing plant!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!