Bethlehem Revisited, Waxahachie

The reason I like WORDS so much is that I take such BAD pictures.
During the day, with plenty of sunshine, coming from just the right angle,
I can manage a few good shots.
But at night, with bad lighting and moving subjects…….. oh my!!!
Such was the case at Bethlehem Revisited in Waxahachie!
I had all three strikes against me!
Which is really a shame, because it’s such a beautiful religious reenactment.
From the beginning, while waiting in a field with the shepherds and their sheep…..
to watching as Joseph walks by, leading a donkey on which his wife, Mary, sits.
It’s beautiful!
 But my pictures aren’t!
I wish I could blame it all on my camera, but I can’t.
For example…
 After watching Joseph pay the tax collector…
and the tax collector asked the young boy standing next to me his occupation….
A little startled, he answered, “I mow the grass.”
And the tax collector replies, “You mean you’re a GOAT?”!
And I laughed out loud, right as I was clicking!
Somehow my picture turns green!
Green?  Like an alien….
And Joseph and Mary may have to lay their new baby down in a manger,
but from my pictures, they could be at Motel 6.
Even the beautiful camels that came in with the 3 Wise Men,
appear in my pictures more appropriate in one of the Twilight movies!
Just look at that eye!
The community of Waxahachie has done an amazing job of rebuilding a permanent, miniature town of Bethlehem, creating a wonderful living history event!
And the local volunteers excellently portray the lives of the bakers, basket weavers, blacksmith…
and whatever this guy is suppose to do!
The actors have alot of fun with it, too!
With each picture, they ask in a frightful voice if I have captured a star in my little box.
And they really enjoy manipulating the language barrier,
as my daughter found out when the Roman guards apprehended her for being disrespectful.
Of course, her mug shot is the only picture that came out…..
2015 Bethlehem Revisited runs December 4- 13th  Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6-9pm.
The cost is FREE but donations are requested.
It’s really a magical experience, and a wonderful family outing.
For more information, click HERE to visit their website.
The camels are provided by Texas Camel Corp, which can be seen at many historical reenactments across the state.  Check out their calendar for more appearances during the year.
Waxahachie is a beautiful town, filled with antique stores and beautiful gingerbread homes.
Visit their website for more holiday events,
including the annual Candlelight Tour of Homes.
We began the evening with a yummy dinner at Tuscan Slice in Waxahachie.
The kids really enjoyed getting to make their own pizzas,
and I enjoyed the kids being busy so I could eat!
Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!
While I try to find a photography class….