Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield

Listen to your Mother. 

Or in this case, Mother in Law. 

Well, my Mother in Law, not yours. 

Unless she has also recommended Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield


For a few months, my MIL (Mother in Law) has been raving about Sam’s.  

And although I had a groceries packed in the ice chest for our weekend road trip, the allure of a good food find was too great as we drove through Fairfield. 

Since the parking lot was PACKED at 10:52 on a Saturday morning, I thought she might be onto something. 

Now, some people love buffets, and some don’t. 
Usually, we are a family of the “don’t” persuasion. 
But, one look at their buffet and we laid down our menus. 
And we THREW them across the room when our friendly waitress told us that the kid’s buffet prices were staggered by their age! 

Okay, we didn’t ACTUALLY throw them across the room, but we got rid of them pretty quick! 

The buffet is huge, filled with fried chicken, brisket, shrimp and catfish and everything we ate was good! 

My four year old ate 3 plates of food, and a chocolate ice cream cone for $2.99. 

And when you can fill up a 12 year old boy/bottomless pit for $6.99, it’s a good day! 

Afterwards,  we visited their gift shop.  They carry a nice selection of Texas collegiate gifts, and Texas gifts, too.  Enough to make my husband groan, the way hubbys groan when they know you wanna go shopping!

And it was HIS mistake to take the four year old to the restroom, ’cause my daughter and I did some shopping! 

We loaded up on some yummy smellin’ candles, and she got a new It’s a Girl Thing Southern Girl teeshirt.  Have you seen those?  They are so cute, even if they are made in South Carolina!  We love them!  She also got her grandma (my MIL who gave us the tip) a new fat little pink winged piggy to add to her collection!  Shhh.. don’t tell! 

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!


P.S.  The view expressed above are completely my own. 
I wasn’t compensated in any way for this endorsement, it’s just good road food!