Prairie Lights 5K, Grand Prairie

For more holiday seasons than I can remember, we have loaded up the car with our kids, and other people and their kids, along with blankets and hot chocolate, and set off to visit Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie!
Prairie Lights is a drive through light display.  We LOVE the lights! 
We love driving through the park, singing with the Christmas songs on the radio, assuring us that we will be bringing a new set of other people and their kids the following year. 
Because nobody wants to attend THAT concert twice!     
But this year, we came for the Sneak-A-Peak 5K,
 because even I have gotten tired of our singing. 

My daughter was hoping to get to speak with Santa before the race. 
She has alot of explaining to do. 

But Prairie Lights doesn’t officially open until Thanksgiving Day,
 and runs thru New Year’s Eve. 
There are over 4 million sets of lights, which is amazing when you consider how hard it is to just put lights on your Christmas tree. 

My children choose to run ahead, while I decided to walk and talk with friends.  Because that’s why you do a 5K, right?  To walk and talk with friends.  It should be on the t-shirt.  

This is everyone’s favorite, the world’s largest light tunnel.  
The lights race up and down the tunnel, it’s really terrific!   
Prairie Lights is set up in Lynn Creek Park, which sits on Joe Pool Lake.  A visit to Lynn Creek Marina and The Oasis Restaurant before or after your drive makes for a perfect evening.  From their patio, you can see the lights reflecting off the water, it’s amazing! 
Don’t forget to take some bread to feed the ducks and monster size fish that hang out there! 
There is more than just lights!  At Holiday Village, you can enjoy rides, gift shop, concessions, a visit with Santa, walk through the Holiday Magic Lighted Forest, or enjoy Holiday Magic Live, a brand new live show by Texas Family Musicals.   
When all my walking and talking (and picture taking) was done, I was proud of my time! 
And while it may seem like a long time, you will need to plan longer for your visit.  The average drive thru and stop at Holiday Village takes about an hour and a half, add an hour or more for weekends and holidays. 

My Mommy Tips:

  • Make a potty stop every chance you get, especially with little kids.  The lines just to get into the park can be long, so visit the potty before you get to the park.  The only potty break is at Holiday Village.  There is a port-a-potty located at the gate, and if you can, stop and use it before going inside.  
  • The lines can be long to get inside the park.  Bring something to keep kiddos busy in the car, and maybe some snacks. 

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!
(or under the Texas stars)