Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway

We went on a family bike ride yesterday, and today…. ouch!

The place where my bike seat and my body meet is kinda sore!  So are my legs, and my arms from riding on my brakes the entire time.  It’s the price you pay for bike riding with a four year old. 

But it also feels good, like I got even with all that Halloween candy from last week!  At least, I got even with a few pieces.     

We rode the Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway in Jacksboro.  It’s a little over 9 miles, and winds around the city of Jacksboro, Fort Richardson State Park and Lost Creek Reservoir.  

Know Before You Go 
Take plenty of water
It’s a very pretty ride, with some nice scenery along the way.  This is the remains of an old Flour Mill, and the trail is one of the only ways to see it.

A mixture of grass prairies, with a few gentle rises makes for a very nice ride for most all riders.

However, the gravel terrain throughout most of the trail is unsuitable for training wheels…

unless you have a Dad who will tow you!
 We also visited Fort Richardson for their third annual Civil War Battle Reenactment

It’s the second time my oldest son has gotten to participate in the reenactment.  He was a flag bearer for the South during the battle.  He absolutely loves it, and it shows by his 99 average in his Texas History class.

Marching into battle….

because there was never a Civil War battle fought at Fort Richardson (or in Texas except along the Gulf Coast), the reenactors are not forced to follow a predestined script…. which means that sometimes the North wins, and sometimes the South.  As spectators, we don’t know, and sometimes the participants don’t know, either.  The South looked like they were set for victory early in the battle, then the Northern troops brought out their Gatlin Gun….

The Gatlin Gun belongs to a Fort Worth boy scout troop that came out to participate.  It was the first time I have ever seen one used, and very exciting!

The guns used by the reenactors do not have a ball (the prelude to the bullet), but they do have gun powder, producing lots of noise and smoke!

Participants are either dismounted calvary or mounted, depending on it you have a horse.  There are lots of horses at these events, and it’s amazing how well they handle dispite the sounds of the guns and cannons.  When the four cannons were fired together, the ground under our feet shook!

During the battle, I continued to explain to my four year old that although it looked real, it was pretend.  He didn’t understand and kept asking who was fighting who, and why, and who were the good guys and the bad guys, and “Was Spiderman coming?”  War can be a hard concept for the young and innocent.

While my four year old was still seeking to understand, one of the young boys portraying a flag bearer with my oldest fell, pretending to be dead.  We all laughed at his overdramatization, until he jumped back up and got back into rank.  Then, with a look of wisdom beyond his years, my four year old exclaimed, “Oh, I get it, they are fighting zombies!”

The Yankees defeated the Southern boys that afternoon, but once the battle was over, much like the zombies, they all rose again.  Following the battle, a demonstration was given of what techniques the medics would be performing on the battlefield, with each amputation (and there would be hundreds) expected to take no more than 3 minutes, and the injured receiving nothing for the pain.
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