Danielle’s yummy mashed potatoes

I’m a firm believer that that my children MUST spend Thanksgiving with me when they are grown and have their own families….. I apologize now to my future son and daughters in laws, but yes, I’m going to be that kind of MIL. 

And I have a plan to make this happen.  My older children have a “can’t have Thanksgiving without” side dish that they are responsible for preparing.  In this way, I can say to them in my golden years, “but what’s Thanksgiving without YOUR mashed potatoes?”  Yes, I’m evil. 

My daughter, Danielle, is the genius behind our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.  And I have to tell you, they are amazing!  Like so much in our lives, they come with a story.  Shouldn’t everything have a story? 

So, we are going to have to travel back to the Summer of 2010.  At the time, I was obsessed with learning to make Chef Kent Rathbun’s famed Lobster Shooters, and he was doing a cooking demonstration at an HEB grocery store.  We made a girl’s day of it, going with my MIL and another friend. 

Chef Kent Rathbun is a superhero in the Texas culinary world, with his Dallas restaurants, Abacus and Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, and Jasper’s with locations in Plano, Austin and The Woodlands.  He and his brother Kevin became national superheroes when they defeated Bobby Flay in an Iron Chef competition!  His brother, Chef Kevin Rathbun owns Rathbun’s Steakhouse in Atlanta, where I have never had the opportunity to dine, but my dear husband sent me a picture of his steak once while on a business trip! 

Anyway, after the demo. I got my girl to pose for a picture with Chef Rathbun.  He asked her if she liked to cook, and what.  She said mashed potatoes (Which is true, although she doesn’t eat potatoes – weirdo!)  He then gave her the golden secret.  He said to take some green onions (which she proudly told him she that we had them growing all over our yard) and puree them in a blender or food processor.  Then mix it with some heavy cream, and add the mixture to the cooked potatoes, mashing as usual.  He jokingly told her that if she becames a famous chef,  she had to share the credit with him.  She beamed.  I beamed.  Superman! 

And the next day, we made them with dinner.  WOW!!!

They are a peculiar light green color, and awesome, and not for anyone concerned about watching their weight!

 By the way, the Lobster Scalion Shooters were amazing, too!