Mayhaw Jelly from Brazos River Provision Company

I think the holidays are all about memories, and I am very thankful for the memories I have of growing up in Texas.  Like many people, the Thanksgiving meal defines these memories for me.  My Dad would smoke the turkey until it was the most beautiful copper color, and the low heat would mean that juicy, clear fluids ran as he cut it!   My mother made the most delicious cornbread dressing, with large chunks of celery so I could pick them out (I love celery now, what was I thinking??!)  I was an adult before I ever tasted cranberry sauce, Dad preferring to open a jar of Mayhaw Jelly that he made each year.  A rite of May, we would drive to East Texas for a Saturday spent tromping through the wettest spots in the woods in our rubber boots, picking the wild fruit, and watching out for snakes.  Dad would tell me about his childhood, growing up in those same woods, and picking mayhaws with his mother.  “There use to be a lot more of them”, he would always say.  The mayhaws are tart when picked, and so I never ate them from the pail, preferring to look for early dewberries that could be picked and immediately eaten.  We would return home and he would spend Sunday afternoon cooking in the kitchen, while my mom and I worked out in our garden.  That little mason jar of jelly, slightly tart (but Dad used a lot of sugar in all his jellies), held so much more than just the reddish condiment, it held a lovely part of my childhood.

Brazos River Provision Company

This summer I was given a jar of Mayhaw Jelly from Brazos River Provision Company.  It was amazing, and did it ever bring back the memories.  It had probably been over ten years since I last had some, spread thick on a homemade biscuit, I still remember it!  Brazos River Provision Company is a family owned jelly maker in Richmond, run by Jelly Man Mike.  They also sell Texas Salsas, rubs and some novelty items.  They have an online business as well as a store in Historic Downtown Richmond.

Click HERE to visit Brazos River Provision Company.

Still not sure about Mayhaws?  Click HERE to read more about them from one of my favorite Texas websites,

For a few short weeks each May, Jackson Fruit Farms in Livingston has a Pick Your Own mayhaw season.  Contact them at (936) 685-4658.