Hoblitzelle Camp and Conference Center, Midlothian

My oldest son, who is twelve, has had to run for a lot of things.  He has had to run after his little brother, who is always taking off.  He has had to run for his life from his sister.  He runs to dinner, even if it’s still two hours away.  That kid is ALWAYS hungry!

This school year, he is also running for the cross country team.  It’s his first year, and he’s really enjoying it, even if he’s not the fastest runner on the team.  If a cheeseburger was waiting for him at the finish line, he might run faster.

His last cross country meet was an all district meet, and they raced at Camp Hobiltzelle in Midlothian.  I had heard about Hoblitzelle before, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to go there.  I wasn’t prepared for how big, and how beautiful it was!

Camp Hoblitzelle, which is part of Salvation Army, offers summer camps, retreats, family camps, and even a nearby working guest ranch, Hi View Ranch.  The property, which is about 1,200 acres, was originally part of the Singleton Ranch, owned by John Hawkins Singleton in the 1800’s.  According to their web site, Singleton “served under three flags of Texas during conflict: Texas Republic vs. Mexico, United States vs. Mexico and the American Civil War”.   I love Texas history!



I cheered loudly during the race, but I couldn’t wait to explore when it was over!  A lovely and scenic lake sat just out of my reach, with a rack of canoes that, I swear, were calling my name!!  Bridges and even an amphitheatre flank the lake.  Were fish jumping in the lake?  Is the Texas sky blue?  We wandered around the recreated Fort Tejas, and were about to head over to the horse stables when everyone started  leaving (Dang you fast runners!) .  We didn’t have nearly enough time to see everything that Camp Hoblitzelle offers,  a swimming pool, sports fields, rope course, paintball, fire pits, putt putt golf and beautiful trees to rest under while getting lost in a good book.

I read all about their Family Camp, and it sounds great!  There are activities for kids and parents to do separately, and together, including outdoor activities (Did I mention horseback riding? ) and even financial planning workshops!  So, I’ll be visiting their website for more information on it, and their other events.

Hoblitzelle Camp & Conference Center   

8060 Singleton Rd, Midlothian

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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