I would love to help promote your fun Texas business on HFitTS’ blog. Please check out the advertising options, and let me know which one would work best for you!   


#1)    Sidebar Button   250 pixel wide “button” (I can use your button, or we can make one together) on the right sidebar, which will link to your website or facebook page. Also includes 1 post on facebook and 1 on twitter.  Email me at  $20/month


#2)  Featured Blog Post  If you would like to have me feature your Texas location,    event with a blog post, please invite us out!  Different venues are going to require different fees, but I love to barter!   In General, host me and my family out to your place, and show us a good time!  We’ll all make new friends and I’ll do a blog post, PLUS all the love of #1.  Questions?  Send me an email at

#3)   Texas Products:  If you have a product made in Texas, I would love to have you sponsor a blog post!  Give me a shout at