Cleburne’s Burger Bar

“When a cheeseburger is really good, you don’t mind standing up to eat it!”

That’s what I told my boys when we had lunch at the Cleburne Burger Bar, located at 109 N. Anglin, in downtown Cleburne.  The tiny little restaurant cranks out some fantastic burgers, although all the credit goes to the approximately 100 year old grill, claimed the owners, Mike and Cathy Elmore.  During our visit, the four bar stools stayed occupied, my boys taking up two of them, and the door never stayed shut long, as locals popped in and out to pick up orders and catch up with the friendly Elmores.   Treating strangers like friends, they chatted with us while our burgers cooked, and kept my youngest son well supplied with pickles, his latest favorite!

My Mommy Tip:  The charm of the small restaurant lends itself to one problem, there is not a restroom inside.  Be sure and visit one before you get to the restaurant.  Proud and understanding grandparents, Cathy has hand sanitizer available for guest.  Another option is to pick up your burgers and visit nearby Hulen Park, which offers a walking trail, playground and restrooms.

While we ate we asked about the history of the Burger Bar.  We had spotted the Johnson County Historical Commission plaque hanging near the door, so we knew the place had to have a story!  Sure enough, it’s one of the oldest buildings in Cleburne, and originally it was the office of a wagon yard.  Back in Cleburne’s early days, E. Henderson was the main road into town.  Even before it was a road, Indians would use it as a trail to reach nearby Buffalo Creek.  In 1949 the office was converted into a restaurant, and has been one ever since.  The space now occupied by the air conditioner was once a second door used during segregation.  It blew my son away that such a small building would have required two doors.  Cathy explained that Amtrack has a station in Cleburne, and tourist from DFW, Austin and San Antonio often ride the Texas Eagle train to Cleburne for a weekend of shopping and sightseeing before returning home.  As she is telling me this, I’m not sure if I’m still drooling from the burger, or the idea of another field trip!!


Built in 1893, and sitting diagonally across Anglin from the Burger Bar is the Chuch of the Holy Comforter.

Interested in Mike’s reference to Buffalo Creek, we drove down East Henderson a few blocks until we came to the creek.  Retaining walls have been built to keep the creek in place, and we watched as fish and turtles surfaced.  We shared with them a few slices of bread we had in the car, that we had planned to feed to some ducks at the park.  Sitting along the creek is the Cleburne Public Library.  We entered the library and visited the children’s section to read a few books to my four year old.  My kids loved the live turtles that call the inside of the library home.  Named Jack and Annie, after the characters of one of our favorite book series, The Magic Treehouse!


July, 2017

Things To Do in Cleburne


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Burger Bar

109 N. Anglin, Cleburne  

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