our big, flat Texas family

When my daughter, Danielle, was in second grade, her teacher had us do a Flat Stanley project.  If you have never heard of poor little Flat Stanley, he is a character in a book by Jeff Brown.  In the stories, Stanley is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him.  He then travels around by mail, visiting family and friends.  We had lots of fun with our “Flat Danielle”, however she got lost all the time. 

Our family has so many amazing places in Texas we want to visit, but we never have enough time.  I was looking for a fun way to let the kids experience and learn about Texas, when I remembered Flat Danielle. 

So we made Our Big, Flat Texas Family, in hopes that we can send “us” around Texas to different places, and track our journey on facebook!  Like so many things we do, it’s really an educational activity for my kids, but they don’t know it! 
Come visit our facebook page, and travel with us.   

If you would be interested in hosting Our Big, Flat Texas Family, downloading and printing our photo, taking it to a family friendly Texas landmark, historical site or someplace significant to YOU or your town, pose for a picture while holding “us”, and posting it to our facebook page, then please email me at havingfuninthetexassun@gmail.com.  Thank You so much and please join us as we, hopefully, see and learn about lots of Texas!