BEE enchiladas and Aunt Stella’s snow cones

*** I hate to make this announcement, but bee enchiladas closed their doors this year!   We loved this place, and wish them the best on their future endevours!  We will be on the lookout for another wonderful place to eat this summer, followed by a not to be missed visit to Aunt Stella’s Snow Cones!  ***

We took a recent trip to Oak Cliff in South Dallas.  Oak Cliff has some of the best food, and I have my favorite restaurants, but I had heard alot about BEE, and wanted to try it out!

BEE stands for Best Enchiladas Ever.  Located at 202 West Davis, the new building stands out among the older ones, but the bright colors and glass windows invite you inside.  You order at the counter, and watch as they assemble your enchilada.  This was a big hit with my kids.  All the ingredients are fresh and organic.  My daughter ordered chips and queso blanco, which was very good.  So is their salsa.  I ordered the street taco and the fish taco, and both were good.  My husband ordered the enchiladas; beef brisket with the chipotle crema sauce.  The only word I know to describe them is “beautiful”.  They were, they just melted in your mouth.

Another something I love is that they sell Mexican Coke in the bottle.  Do you remember in the 80’s, when Coke changed to New Coke, and then switched back to Original Coke?  Well, that’s when US bottlers changed the original recipe,  substituting high fructose corn syrup for cane sugar.  All Coke bottled in the US is made with high fructose corn syrup, but Coke bottled in Mexico is still made with cane sugar.  The taste difference is amazing!

This is a great restaurant for taking kids.  I’m going to tell you that I’m THAT mom, and we are THAT family.  The one people roll their eyes when they see coming, and sigh with relief when we leave, no matter how much we amused you while we were there.  We are loud, we ask way too many questions, I’m not watching my kids because I’m too busy taking pictures, and undoubtedly something at our table is going to be spilt.  But the staff was terrific!

After dinner, we made our way over to our one of our yearly stops, Aunt Stella’s Snow Cones at 2002 W. Clarendon in Oak Cliff.  Aunt Stella’s has been selling snow cones since 1962, that’s 50 years!  And the reason that people stand for about a half hour (I’ve never stood for less) in Oak Cliff in the hot sun or at night is because they are THE BEST snowcones anywhere!  It’s the ice, it’s the softest and fluffiest I’ve ever had!  Aunt Stella’s is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Fri – Sun only, from 2 – 9.  And bring cash, ’cause Aunt Stella’s doesn’t take credit.

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