Homemade Baconator

Two beef patties, each topped with bacon and cheese covering each layer… Yum!! The fast food chain, Wendy’s, has been advertising their Baconator for several weeks, and each time it’s on my kids, especially my 12 year old son, the carnivore, ask if we can go get one.  Then one day they asked if we could make a bacanator at home…. and I was so happy to tell them “Yes”! 

Of course, stealing other ideas and making homemade versions is nothing new to us.  In the past we have made a homemade version of the State Fair’s fried bubblegum and Wingstop’s wings and fries. 

Also, a bacon cheeseburger isn’t hard.  But I love my kid’s imagination, creativitiy and problem solving skills, and try to encourage it every chance we get.  And my husband got very excited about it, even inviting his dad over for dinner.  He assured me it had nothing to do with just getting a new grill! 

The thing that sets The Baconator apart, or any Wendy’s burger, is that they use square patties.


  • For the 6 of us, I used 4.5 lbs. of hamburger meat.  That makes each burger about a 12 oz. burger, pre-cooked weight, or (2)  6 oz. patties.
  • 1 lb. cooked applewood smoked bacon
  • sliced american cheese
  • hamburger buns
  • condiments – mayo, mustard, ketchup – whatever your crew likes. 

I added the meat to a bowl, 1.5 lbs. at a time, seasoned with salt and pepper and using my hands, mixed it together.  It’s yucky work but worth it. 

Then place the 1.5 lb. of hamburger in a gallon size ziplock bag, get out as much air as possible before sealing. 

Here is where even the littlest kids can help.  Use a rolling pin or even just a can from the pantry, and let them roll it out until it’s even, and there is meat in every corner.  Place it in the frig for about 15 minutes. 

Now fold it over to find the middle and using kitchen shears, cut the bag and all in half.  Then fold each half and cut again, so that you have 4 similar size and weight patties.  Cut off the plastic, being careful not to disturb the shape, and cook however you like, grill, griddle or skillet. 

Wendy’s also uses a buttered and toasted bun.  

The kids can also “build” the Baconators!  It’s cheese, meat, bacon, cheese, meat, bacon.  Add your condiments on top.  Enjoy!