Arlington Animal Shelter Tour and Dog Grooming Class

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop visited the Arlington Animal Shelter for their Responsible Pet Owner Grooming Academy!  It was a great class to introduce basic dog grooming and care to kids!  The girls learned so many great things, and got to meet 3 wonderful Dog Scouts!

Some of the things they learned were;

How to introduce themselves to a dog, by letting the dog sniff the BACK of their hand

How to check a dog’s collar, by using the two finger rule.  You should be able to slide your index and middle finger between the dog’s neck and it’s collar. 

How to clean up after a dog.  They even used fake poop, although I’m sure they had the real stuff lying around somewhere! We learned that in the city of Arlington, not cleaning up after your dog can result in a fine of up to $300.00!

How to bathe a dog, including wiping down it’s face, and starting with appropriate soap at the nape of the neck and working their way down.  They even got to bathe the Dog Scouts!  My daughter and friends bathed a beautiful Great Dane named Rocky. 

The girls earned their Animal Shelter Tour Fun Patch when they took us behind the scenes at the shelter.  They showed us everything, the workrooms, the laundry room, where animals are kept under quarantine (the door, not the room).  They also showed us where the dogs get their exercise, vet check ups and surgeries.  They even showed us where they play music for the animals at night to keep them from getting lonely!  Dogs and cats enjoy and benefit from different music!  And finally, we got to look at the adorable dogs and cats just waiting to find their forever homes!

So, what’s a Dog Scout?  The dog scout program allows dogs to earn badges, just like Girl Scouts do!  They earn badges for obedience, agility, water sports, hiking and more!  Visit their website for more information;

Our troop is planning to come back and complete a service project.  My daughter also wants us to come back and volunteer.  The animal shelter is happy to have all volunteers, as long as anyone under 18 is accompanied by an adult at all times, and no more than 2 children to one adult.  I’m excited, because everyone there seemed to really enjoy themselves! 

I found out about the class just by chance, as I was visiting their website looking for information on the Arlington Dog Park, Tails and Trails.  So I wondered, what else can you find at other Texas cities animal services web sites…..

Dallas Animal Services has a list of dog friendly restaurants in Dallas. 

BARC, Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control, has information on Houston area dog parks

El Paso Animal Control states that animals ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED to be microchipped. 

Lubbock Animal Services offers a (TNR) program for feral cat colonies.  TNR stands for TRAP, NEUTER and RELEASE.   A feral cat colony can be registered through the city. 

The Animal Care Division of the City of Corpus Christi offers tips for hurricane evacuation with your pet, or what to do if you are forced to leave your pet behind.  They also offer a list of animal friendly lodging options. 

The Beaumont Animal Services  started August 1st in the Rachel Ray/ASPCA $100,000 Challenge.  The challenge is aimed to help humane societies in saving as many MORE animals as possible.  In 2011, Austin Pets Alive  was the grand winner, although we know all those animals and new owners were winners!!