our Texas fairy garden

My 12 year old has always liked cactus, and we started a cactus garden for him when he was very young.  When my daughter brought home a cow skull to add to her collection, her brother convinced her it would look good alongside his cactus.  He was right, and we all liked the Southwestern flair it added to the garden.  I guess we weren’t the only ones that appreciated it, however, because soon after we added it, a little fairy moved in!  We haven’t seen her yet, but we really like what she has done with the place! 

Apparently, Texas fairies aren’t like other fairies.  She even has a little horse, and built a fence for him.  We’ve been sneaking him apple bits, I hope she doesn’t mind.  Like most Texas girls, it’s probably better to stay on her good side! 

A happy lizard watches over the cactus while sunning on a rock. 

She cleaned out some of the cactus, and built a pathway.  This is one busy girl!

Of course, she is all girl, too!  As soon as she moved in, she hung a pink candelier inside her new home, and laid out a pink rug.  My daughter was thrilled, and named her Georgia, after the artist, Georgia O’keefe, who also saw the beauty in old cow skulls. 


My daughter loves that she wears a cowgirl hat, too.  But it seems today she left it at home, must be a “big hair” day! 

And like any good Texan, she even flies the Lone Star!  My daughter and I have really enjoyed watching as she has magically transformed our little garden.  We hope we just get to meet her one day! 

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