10 fun things to do with your kids in the rain

John Ruskin wrote, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”  Obviously he didn’t live near a Texas tornado, with his head buried between his legs in a “duck and cover” position.   But I understand what he meant; rain, cold fronts, heat waves they all have a purpose.  As we haven’t had any rain in a while, it seemed like a perfect time to plan some activities to be prepared when it does!

Here are some fool proof ideas to get you and your kiddos to pull on their slickers and rain boots (Have you seen how cute some of those are lately?) and carpe the dreary diem!

1.  Visit your local playground, which is now a waterpark.  Splash in the puddles!  Take a ride on the wet slides!  Swing high in the air, and put your head back to feel the drops hit your face!  Have a picnic under a sheltering tree.

2.  Get out the kids slip n slide, no water hose needed!  Add a few drops of tear free baby shampoo for some slick fun!

3.  Give the kids a disposable, waterproof camera.  Let them experience the rain through the viewfinder.  Encourage them to take pictures of the rain coming down, puddles and rain drops falling off leaves.  See how many of the leaves you can identify when you get home from developing the film.  Use a field guide or the computer as a reference.

4.  Break out the sidewalk chalk, and create some wet chalk masterpieces!  Chalk takes on new hues when it’s wet, and then the rain will wash it all away!

5.  Drag out some potting soil, and let the kids make mud pies!  Encourage them to expand to cookies, cakes and bowls of mud soup!  Open up the sand box and build sandcastles with moats!  Just leave the top off when the sun comes out to let it dry up.  In the Texas sun, it won’t take long!

6.  Take a sensory field trip to a botanical garden.  The incredible smells unleashed by the rain create an all new experience!

7.  Get out the easel and some inexpensive watercolors, no water needed.  Paint on something that won’t get soggy, like cardboard, clay pots or pieces of canvas or fabric!

8.  Enjoy a wet safari!  Take a walk or a hike, and look for earthworms, frogs and other creatures who love the rain!

9.  Ever wonder where the term, “ducky weather” comes from?  Ducks love the rain!  Get out your childs rubber ducks and let them splash around in plastic tubs, pools or buckets!

10. Give your child some toy boats, or make some from objects found around your house, and race them down the street in the gutters (the low space next to the curb where the water runs down).  Always supervise your children in or near the street, and stay far away from the entrances to the underground storm drains!  As a child growing up in Houston, this was one of our favorite rainy day activities!  All the kids on our block would show up with their “homemade” boats for racing!

These are just some of the great ideas you can use to turn every day into a great weather day! I would love to hear of some other ideas you have!  Remember, these are just for those long, drippy wet days.  Stay safe on cold or stormy days, and always take cover indoors if there is lightening.  Have fun!

Thanks to Jean Bean Photography for the great photo!  To see more of her work, visit her facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/#!/JeanBeanPhotography

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun!