Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Carrollton


Since moving to the DFW area in the early 90’s, I had heard about Sandy Lake Amusement Park, but had never visited until I took my own kids.  Used mostly for company picnics, family reunions and school band competitions, it’s a neat place, especially for the low prices.  However, there is a reason it’s so affordable, this place isn’t Six Flags, not that that’s a bad thing.

Know Before You Go
The day we visited was a typical Texas summer day, which means it was HOT!   Our first stop was the pool!  It’s actually two large pools, divided thirteen years ago when they filled in the middle section, which was deeper.  Gone are the diving boards and swim platforms due to high insurance premiums and the need for a large staff of life guards.  It’s really a shame, too, because I bet it was wonderful!  At an average of 3′ deep, it’s fun to cool off and younger kids will have a blast, although I think they should invest in a water play structure for one of the pools.
My Mommy Tip –  The very important up side is that they ALLOW floats!!  Bring them from home, or rent them there.  We love floats and each year buy a bigger and wilder one than the year before.  We have battery powered inflatable (and slow) jet skis, an enormous Saturn shaped toy the kids climb all over, one made to rock back and forth, assorted animals, etc.  The problem is that it’s hard to find a pool large enough to use the floats, or one that allows them.
After a few hours of swimming, we were dealing with some starving kiddos.  As usual, I brought a picnic lunch.  Not only do they allow coolers at no charge, but you can even bring them into the pool area with you.  There are plenty of shady tables around the pool, too!
My Mommy Tip – They don’t allow watermelon in the pool area.  Of course, I had brought a watermelon.  But I understood their reasoning, watermelons are just too messy.  Seeds go everywhere, they drip, and they attract….bees!  They also don’t allow alcohol or glass, as expected.
After lunch we headed out to the amusement park.  It’s a quick walk past the miniature golf course, arcade and concession stand, filled with your typical selections, but smelling pretty good!  Prices were very reasonable, too.  Again, this ain’t Six Flags!
They have a good assortment of rides, too.  It resembles what you might find at a small traveling carnival, the ones you find at town festivals.  Rides range from 3-5 tickets, and each ticket cost $.50.  I was surprised that they didn’t offer an unlimited day pass, I would have happily paid for it.  Counting coupons is a pain.  What wasn’t a pain was no waiting in lines!  We visited during the week, and almost had the park completely to ourselves!  The highlight for my kids was the bumper cars, which they claimed to have never ridden before.  How did I miss that I have NEVER taken my kids on bumper cars before?  That’s a rite of childhood!
My Mommy Tip – They have pony rides ONLY on the weekends.  There was some sniffling about that, but once my kids assured me it was okay with them, I dried up my tears and we went on.
Before we left, we drove out to the lake for which the park gets it’s name.  They offer paddleboats around the lake, and we brought some old bread to feed the ducks, which I just naturally assumed would be there.  I was surprised to also see peacocks, turkeys and goats.  It was a fun afternoon, and all three of my children were asking when we could come back.
My Mommy Tip –  This is a big one.  I paid $2 per person at the gate, which added up to $8.  If you come with a car load of 6 or more, it’s only $2 for the entire carload!  But, if you purchase a $5 season pass, it gets your entire carload in all season.  Pool and all rides, etc are additional.
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Sandy Lake Amusement Park   

1800 Sandy Lake Rd., Carrollton 

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