Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day

For the fourth year in a row, we have participated in Chick-fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day.  Participation is easy when free food is involved!

Chick-fil-A hands out a free meal to anyone who comes in dressed like a cow. We keep telling the kids that you don’t also have to act like a cow, but they do it anyway. Except I don’t think cows actually eat chicken…

We meet with a bunch of our friends at a nearby park to decorate our shirts.  Each year we have decorated them a little different, and this year we decided to try spray paint!   Some of the shirts ended up more paint than shirt. My daughter even asked me if she could spray paint her legs. I was so proud of her as I told her no. I couldn’t believe she asked first! 

This is one of my daughter’s friends.  She made a matching cow shirt for her American Girl doll, too.  How cute (and creative) is that? 

Some other friends brought hats to paint, too!  Chick-fil-A has costume and mask downloads on their website, but what I really like about this event is the creativity the kids show!  They come up with some of the cutest things.  It’s like Halloween use to be when I was a kid, before the reign of the store bought costume. 

As we left the park, and were driving to Chick-fil-A, we spotted a couple of coyotes in a field.  My son exclaimed that they thought we were cows, and were hunting us.  The remaining short drive was spent with a car of screaming kids!  My four year doesn’t need to worry, he would wear the coyote out, too.  To see more of the Chick-fil-A costumes, visit their website;

Afterwards, we drove down to Historic Mansfield to see the newest addition there.  It’s a very stylishly painted piano sitting out in front of the Chamber of Commerce.  Their mission is “To bring awareness to Historic Downtown Mansfield by creating public displays of interactive art.”  How cool is that? 

Mansfield Music Mentors is just two doors down from the chamber.  The hope is that the piano will inspire pianist and other musicians for spontaneous concerts on the street. 
Of course, some not so skilled pianist will take their turns at “tickling the ivories”too.  I headed into the chamber as my junior Van Cliburn’s banged away of the keys.  Thankfully, the sound is a little muffled in there. It just makes me giggle to see the kids in their cow shirts, playing on this colorful piano. 
 I love summer!

This plaque is on the piano.  For more information visit .