bacon wrapped hot dogs & red, white and blue strawberries

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

My daughter came home from Girl Scout camp, raving about one of the meals she had while she was there.  For 4 days she ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she’s picky, but one night they  wrapped a hot dog with bacon and cooked it in the campfire!  She knew her brother, a bacon loving carnivore, would just drool when he heard about them, and they planned to cook them for us for dinner!  My son invited a friend over to eat with us, and it became a small party! 

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

It’s as easy as it sounds.  Wrap the hot dog with the bacon and cook it.  At camp they wrapped them in aluminum foil and laid them just outside the fire, on hot coals. 
At home, we opted for a griddle.  I suggested using a skewer, because I was afraid the bacon would unwrap, but it wasn’t neccessary.  The bacon and hot dog hug each other like long lost friends.  Maybe that’s a bad analogy, because they just might be.  Try to forget I said that. 
The kids, of course, loved them.  It’s a kid food. 

While the hot dogs were cooking, the kids made red, white and blue strawberries.  These things are pinned all over Pinterest for the 4th of July.  Again, the kids had fun making them!

Red, White and Blue Strawberry
dipping station

Red, White and Blue Strawberries

You will need:
washed strawberries
melted white chocolate chips or almond bark (I prefer the chips)
blue sprinkles

I use a small mixing bowl, and melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave.  It takes about a minute, turning the bowl half way through, but keep and eye on it, since all microwaves vary. 
Carefully dip the strawberry in the melted chocolate, (remember, it’s very warm), leaving some of the red of the strawberry still visible.  Then quickly dip the tip of the strawberry in a small bowl of blue sprinkles.  Set aside to dry/cool. 

“They’re delicious!!” said their friend.  My camera
weary kids were happy to let him pose for the picture!