Day 1: 2012 Jr. Zookeeper

My oldest son, Cole, is starting his second year as a Junior Zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo.  As a JZ, he volunteers at the zoo once a week.  I’ve asked him to tell a little bit about his responsibilities, and share some of his favorite things there, too!  I hope you enjoy it, I’m very proud of him!  –  Michelle
Today was my first day back at the Dallas Zoo as a summer Junior Zookeeper. The first thing we did today was to go on a tour of the zoo.  We went to see the black rhino.  They told us some information about Moyo and then we got to feed him.  Rhinos are vegetarians, and at the zoo they are fed a mixture of greens and apples.  I laid some in his mouth, and then he ate it!  During the rest of the day we worked at the blue barn, the pony barn, and k,g,d which stands for koi, goats, and ducks. There wasn’t that much stuff to do today but there was some.  I first watered the garden.  Second I turned the compost bin five times in a circle. Next I filled the horse’s water buckets, thats about it. 
My little brother playing in the “creek”. 

Aside from the animals, one of the neatest things about the Children’s Zoo is the manmade “creek” they have for kids to play, walk and splash in!  It’s not very deep, but it’s nice way to cool off. – Cole

For more information on the Dallas Zoo, or information on being a Junior Zookeeper for 2013;