kid’s fishing net

One of our fishing nets and an empty tub that once held
Kirkland’s animal crackers now holds all their
finds for observing before being released.
My 10 year old daughter, a self proclaimed future
marine biologist, holding field school with
the catches in her net!

One of the best things you can do for a kid is giving them a small fishing net.  We got ours at Walmart for about $5.00.   They will get an entire summer of exploration and play based learning from that $5.00!  We always have them in the car.  You will find us stopping at creeks, ponds and even ditches.  You can’t imagine all the things that they have “caught” with them!  Here is just a few….

My son holding his net, waiting for the
fish to swim in it.
One of the fingerling catfish he caught.
My four year old and his friend both caught minnows!