peacock pursuit

Fourteen of us embarked one morning on a wildlife adventure of a different sort.  We were hiking through a nice, suburban neighborhood in Arlington on a peacock pursuit.  It seems that at one time these peacocks belonged to a nearby farm, and either the farm was sold to make way for a housing project, or the peacocks just escaped, but either way, these peacocks are roaming free.

We first saw the peacocks about five years ago, while on a field trip to the nearby park. It’s become something of a ritual with us now, to go out and see the peacocks each year at the beginning of summer. Last year, we went out twice and never saw them.

We were luckier today! It’s actually easier to HEAR them than is it to see them. They are loud. I’ve read that some of the neighbors don’t particularly LOVE them, but I would! 

We started our adventure at F. J. “Red” Kane Park on Cooper.  We walk the short walking trail, turning left at the Y, and take a left when it ends at the street.  The street is lined with houses.  After about 100 yards, there is a Peafowl Crossing sign.  It was across the street from a house having a garage sale.  Imagine their looks as we came walking by, holding cameras!  We immediately started hearing the birds.  The first one was saw was a beautiful male.  We took lots of pictures as he posed in someone’s front yard.  We could hear more coming from down the street, and headed down.  We found a hen and two more males.  While we were taking more pictures, my 4 year started yelling for me.  He found a hen with 3 baby chicks!  What a great experience!!

My Mommy Tips:

As fun as it is to see the peacocks, it’s also a great time to teach a lesson about respect.  We made a big deal to the kids about not chasing the birds, or entering their personal space.  We also used this as an opportunity to teach them to stay on the sidewalks and be respectful of the home owners in the neighborhood.  

Want to see more Texas Peafowl? 

 In the Houston neighborhood of River Forest lives about 50 wild peacocks. 

Grapevine has several flocks.  They can usually be seen near the intersections of Dove and the C. Shane Wilbanks Trail. 

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in Austin
has a huge flock of roaming peafowl.

The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin has some beautiful, free roaming peacocks and peahens.

Consider the The Peacock River Ranch in Gatesville for an event venue.  Yes, they have Peacocks!

If you would just love to start your own peafowl flock, visit The Peafowl Farm;

One of the young boys brought his nature journal, and sat on the sidewalk drawing the peacock!