Benbrook Nature Trail

Once upon a time, we set out to go hiking in Benbrook.  I wasn’t familiar with Benbrook, a land where GPS doesn’t seem to work too well.  We never found the trail we set out to find that morning, but we did find the Benbrook Horseback and Nature Trail.  I’m okay with that, because I really liked the trail.  I’m easy going and spontaneous like that….. 

The first reason I really liked the trail is because, I was set to hike, and tired of being in the car. In a world of hard to located trailheads, this one was easy to find.  There was also ample parking.  There was even this nifty sign, marking the trail and park boundaries. 

The second reason is the length of the trail.  At  7 miles long, one way, it would make a nice 14 mile hike.  Now, my four year old isn’t going to make 14 mile hike.  But there are several points you can start the trail, making for numerous future hiking trips with him.  As we entered, we had to cross Dutch Creek, navigating across on some rocks.  That’s a highlight of any hike for a kid!  According to the map, the trail goes through some shaded forest areas, grassy and rocky terrains!

The third reason is that it’s also a horseback riding trail, and any opportunity I have to see a horse, well, I’m all over it!  It should go without saying, that anytime you are hiking, you should watch where you step.  On this trail, if you don’t watch where you step, the horse poo could be all over you. 
If you take your dog, they must be on a leash not exceeding 6′. 

And my last reason is the proximity to so many other things to do.  The day we visited, my four year old only went about 1/2 mile down, he turned back and RAN, preferring to visit the playground we passed while searching for the other trailhead!  Some days, you have to know when you have already lost the battle, and I surrendered.  Located nearby is also Benbrook Lake, several playgrounds and picnic areas, assorted fast food if you forgot to pack a lunch, and Benbrook Stables. 

For maps and more information on the trails;

Benbrook Stables sit just to the west, and they use the trails for trail rides.  I’m already trying to schedule a day to come back for a trail ride!

 My Mommy Tips:

I didn’t see a potty along the trail, so stop at the Y or someplace along Hwy 377. 

Dutch Creek was a nice, shallow little creek the day we visited.  Perfect for searching and learning about water animals, such as tadpoles and minnows.  Take along a net, magnifying glass and container.  Remember to return your creatures back to the water when they are finished examining  them!